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“Nurture yourself to nurture your generations”

It is only natural that the strong can generate strength. In the same way, only the nurtured can reciprocate nurturance. Women are the nurturers of mankind. If it is not them who deserve the best of all nurtures, who do?

This is why MWH provides 5 essential tips that every woman ought to follow in order to nurture herself.

  • For those luscious locks

Each of those pretty tresses of yours are made up of protein. Hair is also called as the protein filament. The surface of skin is made up of follicles that give rise to hair.

Therefore, a healthy protein-rich diet works wonders for hair. Other vitamins and minerals are also necessary, which is why, a well-balanced diet is the ideal way to care for those luscious locks you possess.

  • For that glowing radiance

Your skin is another valuable attribute you possess. Collagen is a substance found in your body that is responsible for holding your skin upright. With age, this collagen begins depleting, and its outcome is nothing but a saggy skin.

Accompanying your regular massage with a moisture-absorbing cream can be the best recommendation. Further, preventing the skin darkening pigment from accumulating can help return your natural skin radiance. Chronic exposure to the sun increases melanin production. Your skin turns darker, and its natural beauty gets overshadowed.

  • For those perfect protrusions

Maintaining healthy fingernails is not as simple as it may appear. Cuticles are an important part of your nails, and they require proper care. Damaged cuticles promote ragged edges of nails and open wounds that may invite sepsis.

Keeping yourself hydrated is also a great way to tend to your cuticles. When dehydration strikes, you may incur dried cuticles. They can get torn and ultimately cause bleeding.

  • For that amazing stamina

Fatigue is another inhibiting factor for women. Adequate stamina alone can nurture physical health. The hormone serotonin plays a significant part in elevating ones stamina.

It is the happy hormone that works as a mood up-lifter. Increasing serotonin levels enables you to combat stress and lead a more meaningful life. Foods rich in carbohydrates increase serotonin naturally, but are also oppositely advised for weight management. To know more about maintaining serotonin levels, read about MWH Smart Women Stamina

  • For graceful ageing

Menopause is one of the most unpleasant biological phenomena women confront. Most of them undergo stressful situations such as depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Depletion of nutrients is common during this phase. This is why it is important for women expecting menopause to bridge this nutritional gap. This may help prevent the side-effects of menopause such as risks of cardiovascular disease and bone density loss.

Self-nurture for every woman is incomplete without these 5 lifestyle enhancing tips. Share with us your opinions!