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Ageing won’t be a graceful transition if you don’t show your body adequate love and care. Besides all the visible symptoms of ageing, the inclination to be proactive takes a back seat. We don’t see ourselves as a priority. Whether you’re single, career-driven, a mother, or a grandmother, ageing is an often neglected part of life.

A woman has a mountain of responsibilities to see to, where she has to consciously make time for herself. Which in most cases, is a rare luxury. With so much going on, selflessness comes easy to her, where she puts herself last and everything else first.

Instead of being handed a Pulitzer Prize for her fascinating ability to multi-task, her body presents a whole new set of problems. One minute she’s experiencing the height of skin radiance and firmness, the next, a disturbing display of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and age spots. Her bosom also has its own way of succumbing to the ageing process, especially when hormones and bodily changes (like breastfeeding) come into play.

The female breasts are always up for discussion when it comes to the whys and hows. MWH has carefully sifted through findings to reveal one stark discovery–women don’t just desire a luscious pair of breasts that is appealing, but want to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. If you’ve looked at yourself in the mirror and felt embarrassed or incomplete, you’re not alone. Millions of women want to transform their breasts not just for sensual satisfaction, but as a form of expression.

My Wish Hub Limited introduces Carna Firm, a breast serum that uses science, technology, clinical studies (on its ingredients), and an astute understanding of the female body, to turn wishes into reality. Carna Firm is an all-natural breast serum that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals in its formula. It works on not just surface skin but deep within its layers to produce additional visible changes with regular use.

Using the proven effects of phytoestrogens, Carna Firm produces results that mimic the workings of estrogen to give you fuller, firmer, and perkier breasts that defy the ageing process. You’ll notice how your skin transforms with every use, making you feel more confident and sensual than ever.
So, how does MWH’s Carna Firm work?

  • Its key ingredient is Puresterol™, a phytoestrogen derived from Pueraria Mirfica which has been clinically proven to balance the estrogen level in the body to help maintain skin elasticity and plumpness.
  • Puresterol™ performs the functions of estrogen. It leaves the skin feeling velvety to the touch while contouring the curves of the breasts.
  • It encourages the bosom to naturally produce collagen, thus giving the skin a youthful appearance, an even skin tone, and adequate hydration.
  • The anti-ageing breast serum also increases blood flow to the nipples and initiates breast tissue development, allowing it to take desirable form and support.
  • It targets hormonal imbalance, thus, fighting problems caused by low estrogen while effectively addressing the effects of skin ageing.

Beauty should be embraced at every age without doubting the body’s ability to feel youthful and sensual, regardless of how fleeting time is. Seize the opportunity to do something special for yourself; it’s about what you want. Begin and end your year with MWH’s Carna Firm and define happiness on your terms.