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Is it just a co-incidence that Heart Health Month places itself right along with the Month of Love?


We have already discussed how blood shares an intricate connection with heart health. It is the pressure of blood that matters for maintaining a healthy heart.

You shall be surprised to know that love is actually related to your health. It all boils down to the simple concept of a hug. Hugging triggers in us happiness. When we are already experiencing the feeling of happiness, a hug transforms this experience into a celebration.

You enter into a level of ecstasy. And if you are undergoing sadness, a simple hug makes you feel just so much better. The happiness that generates may go unrealised, but the generation does occur.

This happiness releases a hormone called oxytocin in your blood. This is why it is also nicknamed as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love drug”. Now, let us explore the health benefits of oxytocin:

  • Heart Health

Oxytocin helps lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy heart rate. Both these factors are immensely responsible for maintenance of a healthy heart. This is why the Month of Love is also celebrated as the Heart Health Month.

  • Sleep

Other than lowering blood pressure, oxytocin also lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone present in your body. Lowering this hormone automatically brings down your daily stress. And with lesser stress, it is your sleep that gets a boost. A deep sleep helps maintain overall health by performing functions such as repairing tissues, preparing brain’s activities, and so on.

  • Childbirth

Oxytocin is nicknamed “love hormone” not just because it erupts out of a love-induced hug. It actually helps in the entire process of childbirth as well. During labour, oxytocin triggers contractions in uterus. And its post-partum effect includes assisting in the shrinkage of uterus. Further during breast-feeding, it is oxytocin that enables milk to flow to the mammary glands.

Isn’t it simply amazing that the feeling of love holds such immense power? We, at MWH, honour this feeling. Our brand Carna is nothing but an evidence of that. Its conception exists to enable you to celebrate love better.

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