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Did you know that International Beer Day was deliberately shifted from 5th August to the first Friday of every August? This change was made due to a single reason – hangover. Nobody wants a hangover on the next day of a long night’s party. MWH’s Anti-Hangover Powder Post Party is formulated with this concern. Party lovers can now enjoy their drink and remain hangover-free at the same time.

A hangover-reduction supplement like Post Party is an essential brand for party goers. International Beer Day unites beer enthusiasts by their passion for beer. It encourages beer lovers to be experimental. Beer of other cultures are suggested to them. Amidst the hodgepodge of this beer and that, one thing stands clear – hangover. But if Post Party is taken before the celebration, the hangover symptoms are reduced.

MWH’s sole purpose is to augment everyday life. If beer lovers wish to drink everyday, they must absolutely befriend Post Party. It is a herbal powder where the art of nature infuses intensely with life. The herb Prickly Pears Cactus leaves a cool sensation in the mouth. This feeling makes us reject the taste of alcohol. Our body automatically sucks less alcohol.

If Post Party was conceived earlier, International Beer Day would remain on 5th August. But people wanted to celebrate beer on a Friday night, afraid of the hangover. But now the time to be afraid of hangover is gone. Post Party prevents the hangover symptoms of alcohol. It attacks the alcohol digesting enzymes. Digestion of alcohol happens quickly and hangover symptoms are reduced. No more headache, nausea, vomiting or flatulence after boozing.

MWH cares about life’s essentials and beer is quintessential. Post Party proves MWH’s concern for our likes and dislikes. Our love for beer triggered MWH to formulate a brand as well-crafted as Post Party. Its innovative and natural details make it a unique brand. Post Party is a reflection of MWH’s life augmenting perspective. It makes International Beer Day thriving and safe. So, experience a hangover-free International Beer Day this year with Post Party!