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This Friendship’s Day let us present our alcohol digesting enzymes with a significant stimulation that is provided by MWH’s Post Party. This hangover-reduction supplement promises to keep the Monday morning after the Friendship’s Day bash absolutely hangover-free.

Post Party’s natural ingredient Prickly Pears Cactus acts as a stimulator for the efficient functioning of the alcohol-metabolising enzymes. With rapidity in the digestion of alcohol, the hangover symptoms are discarded with great thrust. This means no headache, no flatulence, no nausea, or no vomiting after drinking. The anti-hangover powder leaves a cooling effect in the mouth. This sensation generates an automatic rejection for the taste of alcohol. With a drop in alcohol consumption, the process of liver corrosion is slowed down . This Friendship’s Day onward, feel the difference MWH makes for your health with Post Party. Please click on

Friendship’s Day is a yearly event that we readily welcome, for it gives us an opportunity to reunite with our friends. Progression in life has its own side-effects, and the thinning down of good friendship is one such instance. For this reason, we are constantly looking out for platforms that would remind us about unisons with our old friends.

On an occasion as grand as Friendship’s Day, alcohol truly deserves to be part of our platter. Since Friendship’s Day always falls on a Sunday, we could not really pray for a holiday or a late morning the next day. We absolutely want to avoid the hangover symptoms , so that we can retain our concentration and enthusiasm toward work. It is here that we realise MWH’s role as a creator of life’s essentials . Its natural ingredient , Prickly Pears Cactus, is the best-selected drug to merge nature with life

This herb’s efficiency in swift alcohol digestion indirectly works upon biological toxins, thus enhancing liver detoxification. A Friendship’s Day celebration without alcohol makes no meaning in a world where we live and breathe alcohol. The heap of the alcohol compounds in our liver results in increasing hangover symptoms. But with Post Party, become ambidextrous with alcohol consumption and hangover-free mornings. Use it and believe it this Friendship’s Day!