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Life sometimes feels just too perfect. Everything appears to be so much in place that the utter perfection slowly begins to assume the face of an unexpected infringement. Miraculous would it be if this infringing entity would be overlapped with something more peppy…like maybe delightful health shots!

DECIMAL is born out of the need to breathe into life a bit more inspiration, a bit more radiance. The namology draws inspiration from the original “decimal”, which stands for precision. Significance of a decimal mark in the study of numbers is immense.

Naming our brand of health shots “DECIMAL” can be thought to be aimed at seducing this precision into the domain of health. The MWH brand DECIMAL denotes the quality of accuracy we instill in our health shots.

If you look at our brand logo closely, you will notice our name surrounded by two circular figures. An infinite number of decimal marks cohere with one another to cobble up a circular shape. It is their concoction that delivers precision.


Our energy shot, DECIMAL ENERGY, is a master formula containing Ginseng, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Vitamin B Complex and C.

Ginseng is a known energy booster. Its stimulating effect remains indebted to the chemical structure of its active ingredients, which is similar to that of your hormones. Hereby, a safe conclusion is derivable that ginseng helps maintain hormonal balance. Such evenness ensures holistic health as every organ is functioning in the smoothest degree.

Amino acids, including BCAAs, assume a major role in energy formation. They, in conspiracy with Vitamins B and C, help keep you rejuvenated, re-energised and revitalised. DECIMAL ENERGY HEALTH SHOT has been clinically-proven to

Enhance oxygen intake by 15.4% and
Increase exercise duration by 16.7%


Our beauty drink, DECIMAL BEAUTY, is composed of 3 main nutrients, viz. Collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Bulbus Lili Extract. Collagen draws maximum significance as it is the protein responsible for holding your skin firm and tight. This is why the prime focus of DECIMAL BEAUTY remains oriented towards facelift.

By keeping your face “skintight”, our beauty health shot donates to you timeless beauty. Further, Lilium present in DECIMAL BEAUTY participates in the skin renewal process. This helps brighten up your skin tone, thus taking dark spots off your face. Further, its hyaluronic acid content adds moisture to your face.
DECIMAL BEAUTY HEALTH SHOT has been clinically-proven to

1. Decrease skin melatonin by 13.63%
2. Decrease erythma levels by 10.63%
3. Elevate skin moisture by 25%
4. Reduce transepidermal water loss by 20% and
5. Increase collagen density by above 42.36%

Health shots under DECIMAL act with precision to inspire your lifestyle with energy and beauty. Find out more at: Our Official Website