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Breakfast is one of the most important meals in your schedule. If you are looking to reduce stress caused to your body you should ensure that you eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Research suggests that those who skip breakfast are most prone to having hearth diseases at an early age. Alternatively, it is also widely known that those who have unhealthy eating habits are equally at risk!

Wondering how to look beautiful? A healthy regiment demands one to eat healthy and well, administer proper bodily exercise and indulge in the required rest for your body. Unfortunately, it is very common for many of us to miss out on at least 2 or the 3 mentioned aspects. Ample rest to your body actually helps you feel young and rejuvenated.

Tea and coffee have their own boons and drawbacks. While they are the most widely drunk beverages with both breakfast and even snacks, latest research and findings point out that both coffee as well as tea can be unhealthy if consumed long term. Although the common notion of anti-oxidants from tea keeping you healthy is believed by almost everyone, a large number of this populous has more recently taken to drinking green-tea. Apart from its health benefits, it is also said to keep your skin radiant by eliminating toxins from your body.

We decided to give your more flavour to savour and more health as wealth! MWH brings to you ‘UnLikeTea‘. With the most apt name, it splashes your morning with mouth-watering flavours. Each of these flavours has not only been selected due to their tantalizing character on our pallet, but also because the ingredients work towards alleviating you from some issue or the other.

4 completely new flavours work towards making every morning better in their own special way:

  1. Cinnamon Apple‘, as tasty as it sounds, aids with digestive trouble and stimulates good appetite. It additionally helps invigorate your body when you are burned out of your concentration too.
  2. Honey Lemon‘ has a distinct taste for you to remember always. It’s topped with medal winning Siberian Ginseng that brings you back to life when you’ve been burned of both energy as well as concentration. It largely helps reduce fatigue and resultant stress.
  3. Cranberry Apple‘ has a protective twist to itself. It helps women keep away from bladder infections by adhering to it and preventing bacteria from housing there.
  4. Unique to the Cedarburg mountains in Cape Town, South Africa: ‘Rooibos‘ is a shrub with many- a- health benefits. We bring it to you to help yourself stay healthy all the way across the globe.

Now is the chance to taste something completely new. This is the right time for you to pick the best, first beverage of your day! Because it’s just UnLikeTea!