This year, begin afresh by giving yourself a dose of Decimal that aggressively performs to give you revolutionary results. Beverages / Mens Health / Womens Health

 You and everyone else on this planet follow a lifestyle that is demanding, tiresome, and above all, unhealthy. Our bodies are finding it increasingly hard to keep up. Many of us will even agree that breakfast time involves a quick bite under seconds with one foot out the door. On most days we’re tense, pressed for time, and frantic about the things we need to attend to, losing complete track of time and ourselves.

If there’s anything we’ve learnt this past year, is that time is precious and mustn’t be taken for granted. Every second, minute, and hour counts as we rush from point A to B. This year, make a commitment to spend more time with ‘yourself; you deserve a little self-love and attention. It’s time to take a stance and add yourself to your list of priorities.

Over time, pollution and the deterrents of an unhealthy lifestyle, overwhelm the human body with toxins, thus, robbing it of life-giving oxygen. Lack of sleep, using harsh beauty products, not drinking enough water, eating processed food, smoking/drinking, sugar-binging, and lack of physical activity will exert undue strain on vital organs. What your body is in desperate need for is a consumable life force that jolts the very core of your cells back to life.

MWH, with its driving passion for the greater good, introduces Decimal. The products as part of this prestigious, award-winning brand, promise to kick-start your internal battery and initiate a head-to-toe rejuvenation process like no other. What better way to begin the year than on a new, improved, and healthy note?

MWH believes in using natural, caffeine-free, non-addictive ingredients in its products, making Decimal a highly coveted brand. It is also free from preservatives and sugar, and non-carbonated. Take your pick from our range of Decimal products and experience virility, beauty, and optimum health with continuous use. All of Decimal’s products have won commendable awards for their exceptional benefits.

Decimal Beauty Health Shot: Take a shot of beauty and experience a drastic change in your appearance. You’ll notice a visible difference that will do wonders to your self-confidence. Here’s how your skin will transform from shot to shot.

  1. Decreases skin melanin

  2. Increases collagen density

  3. Leaves skin supple

  4. Reduces wrinkle furrows

  5. Promotes skin luminosity

  1. Reduces loss of water

  2. Increases skin moisture

Decimal Energy Health Shot: Let’s face it; if we’re not going to be productive at the office, how else will we prove our self-worth and competence? If you’ve been feeling groggy and out of sorts from sun-up to sundown, you need a serious power boost. Here’s how your body can benefit from a delicious shot of energy.

  1. Enhances concentration

  2. Lends nutrition for athletic performance

  3. Promotes stamina

  4. Boosts metabolic rate

  5. Increases blood circulation in the brain

  6. Sharpens memory

  7. Raises oxygen intake

Decimal Relaxation Health Shot: When life hands you lemons, you’re supposed to make lemonade, not sink your teeth into its bitter rind. Don’t miss an opportunity to slow down and take a breather. Here’s how you can benefit from a soothing, blissful shot of relaxation.

  1. Ignites happiness

  2. Promotes emotional balance

  3. Helps in weight management (being rich in dietary fibre)

  4. Reduces body heat

  5. Promotes physical wound healing

  6. Enhances intestinal activity and detoxification

  7. Works against depression

This year, begin afresh by giving yourself a dose of Decimal that aggressively performs to give you revolutionary results. Treat yourself and those you care for with a triumvirate of Decimal’s foolproof products that you can depend on for their instant, gratifying effects.