New Research Study Preaches Vitamin D for Heart Health Cardiovascular Health

In our previous conversations, we had articulated how Vitamin D is essential for bone health. A new research study has revealed that this vitamin is also a blessing for heart health.

Presentation made by the Leeds Teaching Hospitals team at the American College of Cardiology described the results of vitamin D on heart health as nothing lesser than “stunning”. The presentation intrigued the British Heart Foundation enough for it to call for a clinical research.

Participants were given a 100 mcg vitamin D source everyday for 365 days. These volunteers were suffering from a condition of heart problem. With age, their hearts had turned too weak to conduct a proper pumping effect. The amount of blood in their hearts were being pumped way below the normal 60 – 70% range.

At the end of the year, the participants showed to have an increment in their blood pumping volume by 26 – 34%. This observation is indeed a matter of celebration for MWH.

MWH Nourishtra Vitamin D contains adequate quantities of ergocalciferol. It is one of the best forms of Vitamin D. This helps MWH proudly claim that its vitamin D supplement is potent for enhancement of heart health. Vitamin D contributes for a healthier heart by elevating its pace to pump blood.

If the heart’s blood pumping pace is low, the person is said to be suffering from a low blood pressure. So when vitamin D raises the speed of an abnormally low heart pump, it is actually maintaining the blood pressure of the person.

Besides building a healthy heart, Nourishtra Vitamin D also receives fame for building healthy bones. Its ergocalciferol content supports absorption of calcium into bones. Ca is one of the most important minerals that makes up these collective 206 elements of your entity.

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