Heart Health in UK Cardiovascular Health

Here it is yet again…another chilly morning in the United Kingdom! It is beyond doubt that February is deemed as the coldest month in this country. This extreme coldness of weather has triggered the concerns of healthcare specialists.

It has been researched that winter is a major hindrance for heart health. As strange as it may seem, but it is true that cold weather actively prevents the heart from remaining healthy. Previously, we had mentioned 3 main hindrances for a healthy heart: smoking, ageing and lifestyle.

In this conversation, let us explore how winter is responsible for preventing heart health.

We have conversed how the heart works. Heart pumps all the blood that ultimately reaches every organ of your body. So how might winter be affecting this chain of action?

The cold winter weather affects the natural warmth of your body. It brings down your body temperature. But this drop-down is unfavourable to your body’s preferences. Its demand is that the optimal bodily warmth remains maintained.

Now this demand can be met by one entity alone – the heart. More the blood contained in the body, more is your body temperature. Therefore, it is the responsibility of your heart to keep your body warm.

This is what hinders heart health. Your heart comes under unusual pressure. It sweats over pumping blood in large quantities. If proper precautions are not taken, it will tire out easily. This fatigue of the heart is dangerous.

Your heart rate increases, your blood pressure sky-rockets, and there’s total havoc in your cardiovascular health. Changes occur in your pattern of cardiovascular system, which directly affects your blood.

This estranged functioning elevates risks of blood clot formation. This is another hindrance for heart health. When blood clots, there forms a barricade in its normal flow. This further increases the pressure formed on your heart. Threats for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke ensue easily.

This is why it is important that you take every measure to maintain your heart health, especially in winter. Simple lifestyle enhancements can work miracles for your heart.

Give your best shot at remaining indoors, drinking warm beverages, and staying warm in every way possible. This would take weight off your heart’s responsibility to provide you warmth.

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