5 Miraculous Benefits of Vegetarian Omega 3 Supplements Dietary Supplements / Healthy Living

Why expect mediocrity when life’s role as a giver can voyage much beyond? Life is like a game of hide-and-seek; you only need the right places to discover its wonders. And MWH is that locus where you should be seeking to get the most out of life.

Being life enhancers, we believe in providing the superlative degrees of everything that we provide. Our omega 3 health supplement is an exemplar.

The significance of DHA fatty acids is already well-realised to the world. But our DHA supplement exists with a difference.

MWH Nourishtra Omega-3 is a vegetarian omega 3 supplement. Extensive research conducted by our R&D team has led to the discovery of surprising conclusions. Non-vegetarian omega 3 sources are accompanied with several side-effects of which, we remain ashore. Here are the 5 factors that give us an edge over others:

  1. Free from ocean-borne contaminants

DHA-rich cold oceanic fishes rely on other marine organisms for their dietary sources. According to UN-Water Statistics, 70% of industrial wastes in the developing countries gets dumped untreated into waters. Water contamination has no hard time contaminating the organisms.

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury creep into marine organisms, traces of which, may find no escape from generic omega 3 supplements. Chronic deposition of these metals eventually prove to be carcinogenic. Vegetarian omega 3 contains no such malign threats to health, as they have no interactions with ocean-borne contaminants.

2. Best source of DHA

Fishes may be rich in DHA, but microalgae are the richest. They are the original producers of DHA as they possess a synthesising ability. It is indeed strange that they are mere microalgae who are endowed with the responsibility of proper functioning of vital organs of humans.

DHA fatty acids produced out of microalgae propagate the functioning of brain, retina and heart. Vegetarian omega 3 does not rely on intermediates. Their extractions are made straight from the original producers and the richest sources of DHA.

3. USDA-certified organic ingredients

It is of common logic that if marine organisms get contaminated with heavy metals, so will microalgae. Contaminants settle on all living bodies found in the ocean. If vegetarian DHA was extracted through these naturally-found microalgae, there would be no guarantee of safety.

Nourishtra Omega 3 contains DHA that is derived from organically-grown microalgae. They are fermented in a controlled environment exclusively for extracting their DHA. Our extractions have been certified as organic by USDA itself. Our DHA fatty acids are absolutely safe for consumption.

4. Clinically-proven as effective

Our DHA extractions are not just the best, contaminant-free and organic, but also patented. Nourishtra uses DHA that has been clinically-proven to keep diseases ashore.

By being a support for retina, our DHA is proven to prevent night-blindness that often progresses into blindness. It also benefits pregnant women and lactating mothers by promoting foetus and infant health respectively. Nourishtra’s DHA has also shown to enhance intelligence and suspected to strengthen memory in children. For heart health, it has proven to lower heart rates and decrease LDL Cholesterol levels.

5. Sustainable source

Since our microalgae are organically-grown, they also account as sustainable sources of DHA. In a world where natural sources is depleting with ultimate rapidity, sustainable development is the need of the hour.

Organic farming is the best way to extract the best out of nature without disturbing original flora and fauna. After all, why misbalance the harmony of nature when we can create a nature of our own?

MWH Nourishtra Omega-3 is the epitome of our superlative provisions. We infuse the best in the most amicable manner. You may inquire about our vegetarian omega 3 supplement at https://www.mywishhub.com/dietary-supplements/nourishtra/omega3.html.