5 PRECIOUS FACTS ON OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS Ageing Health / Dietary Supplements / Mens Health

If you’re on a weight loss agenda and have decided to make fats your rival, oops you need to do some rethinking! If you weren’t aware, yourbody is ever-famished for certain fats.These are fabulous for your health, which is why you should select your fat intake. Instead, you commit the crime of barricading them!

Interestingly,Omega 3 fatty acids are those fats that you should befriend. It’s not really rocket science to guess that they are essential fats! Do allow us to walk you through 5 precious facts on Omega-3.

1.Omega-3 Fatty Acids are of 3 types – ALA, EPA and DHA. Each of them is a gratification in its own way. Let us see how!

ALA and Skin

If weren’t aware, ALA is your secret for youthful skin. It keeps your skin radiant and glowing by acting as a powerful antioxidant. It also protects skin-ageing through sunlight, making you look 20 years younger.

EPA and Heart

Heart diseases are the most convicted criminals of death worldwide! So, if you have successfully escaped from them all your life, you have EPA to thank. It reduces triglycerides and cholesterol in blood. When either of these deposit excessively, your arteries get thickened. This condition is called atherosclerosis. Do beware of this, since this, is the root cause of all heart problems.

DHA and Vital Organs

If you are are a parent of a growing child, you are required to augment your caution. Your child is undergoing tremendous development right now. And it is DHA fatty acids that play the protagonist role in developing his/her brain, retina and heart. Amazingly, 97 and 93% of Omega-3 that is present in brain and retina respectively, are DHA. A substantial amount is also present in your heart.

2.ALA and EPA naturally convert into DHA.It is intriguing to note that ALA and EPA do not remain in their original forms. Firstly, ALA converts into EPA, and finally, EPA converts into DHA. And the conversion appears this way:

But unfortunately, this conversion is not a very fruitful one. Only 5-10% of ALA converts into EPA. And worse, only 1% of ALA converts into DHA. Due to this inconvenience,DHA supplements are your best option for skin, heart, retina and brain health.

3.Your body is unable to synthesise Omega-3 fatty acids! This is precisely why we are going viral about omega-3 health supplements. These supplements provide you with the thing that your body is lacking. External sources of DHA are your only route toward health.

4.DHA is abundantly found in oceanic fish oils. But weren’t you aware marine organisms are potent carcinogenic sources? Well then, you are surely aware oceans are contaminated daily due to water pollution. Now, these contaminants get in touch with marine life. And enter your body through the non-vegetarian food chain

5.Vegetarian omega-3 health supplements actually exist! In fact,Life’s DHA is here for this reason alone. Being vegetarian, it is free from carcinogenic ocean-borne contaminants such as lead, mercury and arsenic. Fishes are nothing but mere participantsof the food chain.

Life’s DHA proves its edginess by extracting DHA directly from microalgal sources. These microalgae are the producers of DHA. In fact, the master stroke of Life’s DHA is that its microalgae are organically-grown!

It is miraculous how people of evey age benefit from omega-3 fatty acids. Its 3 types are constantly occupied to serve every organ you have. But since ALA and EPA ultimately convert into DHA,bestomega-3 health supplements incorporate DHA directly.

Our brand MWH Nourishtra Omega 3 is the best omega-3 nutritional supplementfor this very reason. We are edgy enough to incorporate Life’sDHA as our ingredient. We are vegetarian, organic and caarcinogen-free. What more could you covet?