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“Thank God It’s Friday” is such an accurate realisation of psychology! Every party-goer desperately awaits the weekend to come bang their doors. After all, weekdays and hangovers just don’t seem to tally. But what happens when we declare that weekday booze-ups are possible without a hangover?

Yes, you have heard it just correct! Weekday all-nighters are no longer worrisome. Rejoice in revelries everyday without experiencing hangover symptoms. But before learning the eradication process of hangovers, how about knowing their formation first?

Out of all the alcohol you consume, only up to 8% gets excreted shortly. The remaining portion has to undergo metabolism. If there is discrepency in this process, there emerge hangover symptoms.

Alcohol-metabolism process involves two steps, each of which, march with the assistance of enzymes. ADH and ALDH are the two enzymes that make digestion of alcohol possible. It converts into carbon dioxide and water, which get excised easily.

All said and done about the alcoholmetabolism process, another tiny fact remains. That this process is not so simple as it appears. Side-effects are there to punctuate it at every stage.

They are these side-effects that emerge as hangovers. Nausea, headache, mouth dryness, dizziness – all occur when the metabolism does not transpire smoothly. Each process exhibits side-effects by forming two by-products, namely acetaldehyde and acetate.

Inability of these vestigeal items to convert into their respective products causes the hangover symptoms. There exists only one way to transform this inability into ability. And that is to hasten the process of metabolism itself.

Giving a thrust to alcohol-metabolism enzymes prevents hangover. Here arrives the significance of a herb named prickly pear cactus. It has a unique tendency of exerting stimulation on ADH and ALDH.

For this very purpose, Post Party is your answer. This supplement is an embodiment of the prickly pear cactus. It is a powdered formulation that is to be consumed 30 minutes prior to alcohol consumption.

The prickly pear cactus in Post Party stimulates ADH and ALDH so that the foothold of acetaldehyde and acetate is not prolonged. It converts alcohol into carbon dioxide and water in rabbit speed!

Now you suffer from neither nausea nor dehydration nor headache. Post Party offers you the chance to be exclusive. Be it a drinks party, a cocktail party, a stag night or any other jamboree, you can smack that last sip of your alcohol without suffering from any hangover. So, live the difference!