Ashwagandha- The Life Extending Herb Ageing Health / Dietary Supplements

Ashwagandha is an extremely popular herb as far as Ayurveda is concerned. This herb has been used since decades.This significant place has been gained by the Ashwagandha in Ayurveda because of its immense medicinal and therapeutic properties. The name of the herb itself is very significant. Ashwagandha has been derived from the Sanskrit word Ashwa and Gandha which actually mean the odor of a horse. The root of Ashwagandha is the most important part of  the herb. The root of this herb comprises of multifarious therapeutic properties that range from fortifying and strengthening the immunity  to increasing the sexual ardor, it also lessens arthritis and it has many other life-healing capabilities.

The root extracts of Ashwagandha herb consists of some chemical compounds such as phenylbutazone, steroidal lactones, alkaloids, sitoindosides, saponins and withanolides. All of these chemical compounds were utilized in myriad experiments to nail down their efficacy towards fighting specific ailments. For instance the chemical compound called phenylbutazone displayed positive effects in lessening inflammation. The alkaloids that are found in Ashwagandha were found of very curative against hypertension, respiratory and other heart ailments.

Compunds in the herb: One of the most significant adaptogen compound is Ashwagandha (Some other adaptogen compunds are Rhodiola Rosea and Panax ginseng). In case you want to lessen your stress levels then it would be beneficial to you if you considered all the probable choices and after that you selected one from them purely on the basis of safety or all the other characteristics of the herb.

Not a Sedative: If one plans to take Ashwagandha during the morning or during the early afternoon, it would surely be beneficial to him/her. This very significantly helpful for enhancing the sleep quality and what is worth keeping in mind is that it is not a sedative. This should be clear in everyone’s head because whatever lulls you into a quality sleep is generally deemed to be a sedative. In a very strange way, there are a numerous beliefs that are floating in the air, it is believed that if this herb is taken right before hitting the sack, it will be very difficult to feel sleepy.

Power output: Till now, there are two different scientific studies that show an increased VO2 max after the herb has been consumed for a long period of time, one such study has been conducted on elite athletes. There are further researches conducted where one such research in inactive persons reported an increased output of power especially in the lower back and legs. (without any kind of physical training, it was just a small increase in power.) which goes to suggest that Ashwagandha, the herb might be of an ergogenic help. While that might be true, it might require a little more proof, but if a herb benefit the performances of the elite athletes, it surely must be something. An attribute like this is big time rare for any other supplements.

Anxiety and tensions: It is a herb that has another very potent and significant attribute. It shows big-time anti-anxiety properties.

Prevents cancer: To be precise, Ashwagandha herb has weak anti-cancer effects. The properties of boosting the immune system may also be healing and curative and some tests that have been carried out in women diagnosed with breast-cancer show, those who have been taking this herb in high does displayed a significant improvement in the quality of life, weakness, and overall body and mental functioning be it social, emotional or psychological.

Immune Issues: Ashwagandha is also known to reduce stress levels. This goes to back the fact that this herb is also a great immune booster Ashwagandha can eliminate stress levels because it does away with the stress hormone called cortisol).

Herb Safety: Ashwagandha is very safe especially if it is used according the recommended dosage

It is very safe to conclude that Ashwagandha has very promising pre-clinical research and scientific proofs to brace itself and the benefits it has.