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In your attempt to practice a healthy lifestyle, you are not alone. Half the mankind, like you, is in pursuit of health. We, at MWH, understand your concern behind severe exercises and diets. This is the reason why we have invented our brand MWH Live Green Real Veggies. It is here to end your pursuit of health. And deliver the simplest method of acquiring a healthy lifestyle.

Why Organic Liver Detoxification?

Interestingly, liver detoxification alone works wonders for health. Live Green Real Veggies is an organic liver detoxification pill. 6 USDA-certified organically-grown vegetables contribute to its detoxifying effect. They are beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, parsley and spinach. The assortment of organic vegetables synergistically brings about the efficacy of liver detoxification.

Our organic ingredients prevent excessive accumulation of toxins in the liver. They form biologically active ingredients that together upgrade the liver’s filtrating capacity. Each phytochemical performs their respective function upon the liver. With an efficient liver detoxification, Real Veggies counteracts the negative effects of junk food and alcohol. Digesting unhealthy food takes toll on your liver,inhibiting it from functioning properly. But thankfully, an efficient liver detoxification naturally cleanses your liver. This enables it to resume its functions. And as a result, a healthy biological system is maintained.

Migraine Relief from Liver Detox

Sometimes, even extensive health precautions are not adequate in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because daily stress affects the liver to an immense extent, it gets chronically damaged. But liver detoxification is so rejuvenating, that it even prevents the liver from stress. And counteracts liver-associated disorders such as chronic migraine. Yes, providing migraine relief is one of its greatest claims. Real Veggies controls the release of CGRP, which is known to trigger migraine.

Why Place Liver above All?

One thumb rule about achieving a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a healthy liver. Liver is an extremely vital organ. Without it, our biological system would definitely come to a stop. For a desirable health, we have to pamper the liver above all. And that’s precisely what Live Green Real Veggies does.

A Quick Guide through our Liver Detox

The organic ingredients of Real Veggies form biologically active ingredients that perform different functions on the liver. Synergistically, they bring about an extremely efficient liver detoxification. Let us explore how.

  • Indole-3-carbinol obtained from cabbage and broccoli, stimulates toxin-inhibiting enzymes in the gut and liver.
  • Betaine, extractedfrom spinach and beetroot, stimulates liver cell function. It also protects the bile ducts to enhance bile production.
  • Carnitine from carrot protects the liver from ammonia precipitation.
  • Glucosinolate received from cabbage and broccoli, stimulates the formation of toxin-eliminating enzymes.
  • Glutathione is most valuably obtainedfrom parsley, whichworks at the intracellular level by inhibiting free radicals. And participating in toxin elimination.

Added Benefits of our Liver Detox

So, it is quite evident that Live Green Real Veggies takes 360-degree care of liver detoxification. Its efficacy is so great that it even prevents the negative side-effects of chemotherapy and prescriptive drugs. Chemotherapy and allopathic drugs cause excessive accumulation of toxins in the liver. But the anti-oxidants in Real Veggies are proactive in preventing that flaw. Some of the active ingredients further have additional benefits such as biologically preventing us from cancer and environmental stress.

For MWH, “healthy lifestyle” translates into “absolute wellness”. We, at MWH, deliver the simplest method of acquiring a healthy lifestyle. MWH Live Green Real Veggies furnishes health by supplementing the liver single-handedly. And of course, organically.