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Worried that you or your loved one has or may contract lupus? Read on to know the early signs and symptoms of this condition . The initial signs of lupus may appear in the blood.A blood disorder is an early sign which indicates that an individual is suffering from systemic lupus erythematosus.Systemic lupus erythematosus can also indicate hematological symptoms like anemia, thrombocytopenia, low white blood cell counts and clotting disturbances.

One of the most common hematological abnormalities which can appear in individuals experiencing lupus is anemia. Anemia consists of reduction in the number of red blood cells and this is indicated in tests such as the hemoglobin concentration in blood, the hematocrit and red blood cell count.It is learned that anemia can have several causes.It can appear because of a chronic inflammation, iron deficiency, prolonged uremia or hemolytic anemia.Individuals with lupus endure fatigue which can further perpetuate and lead to the apparition of anemia. Prolonged uremia, which occurs due to an impaired kidney function can result in anemia. Anemia which is caused by prolonged uremia can be treated with androgen or erythropoietin for anemic patients, a recently developed hormone which plays a vital role in the stimulation of red cell production. Sometimes, chronic uremia can determine the apparition of more severe forms of anemia, and that requires blood transfusions.

Prolonged inflammation, which is a significant cause of anemia in patients with lupus, hinders the production of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Because of this inflammation, iron, which is very important in the production of hemoglobin accumulates, unused in the marrow tissue. The solution to restore normal red blood cell production is to ease the inflammatory condition.

Iron deficiency is another cause of anemia which can occur due to loss of blood from the body. Drugs that are used in the treatment of lupus can irritate the stomach that can result in bleeding which in turn causes iron-deficient anemia. Iron deficiency can also occur as a result of heavy or frequent menstrual periods. It is essential to get your self tested in order to check your iron and hemoglobin level, although iron deficient anemia can be corrected in a short time by consuming iron tablets.

Hemolytic anemia is a condition that can appear in some anemic patients with lupus, usually due to antibodies directed against red blood cells. In this condition, auto-antibodies interact with the red blood cells,due to which red blood cells are removed in the spleen or liver by scavenger cells.Usually, steroids like Prednisone are effective intreating this type of anemia, but there are cases where patients do not respond to this treatment, and surgical removal of the spleen may be required.

Although in severe cases , blood transfusion has to be done.It is known that a deficiency of thrombocytes,tiny particles in the blood ,which is essential for blood clotting causes thrombocytopenia. This leads to bleeding of the gums, nose, or intestines and excessive skin bruising. As a typical sign of  thrombocytopenia, we can mention petechiae and pinpoint hemorrhages in the skin. This appears because antibodies destroy the platelets, similarly with the destruction of the red blood cells in the autoimmune hemolytic anemia. As a treatment, we can mention steroids like Prednisone and in severe cases splenectomy may be needed.

Thus,MWH Live Green Real Grass is a natural remedy for anemic patients .It contains three certified, organic cereal grasses: Wheat grass, Alfalfa Grass, and Barley Grass. Together, these grasses contain more than 70% of chlorophyll which resembles the structure of DNA in the blood, therefore known as ‘green blood’. It helps in the rapid delivery of magnesium which in turn aids in blood transport oxygen faster to cells. What you experience as a result is more energy and less stress.

The active ingredients formed are Abscisic acid (ABA),  chlorophyll,  spinaesterol and stigmaesterol .  Spinaesterol and stigmaesterol are phytosterols that are powerful anti oxidants.  Since they are powerful anti oxidants, they prevent the accumulation of  free radicals.  This in turn prolongs the signs of aging.

So,  if you’ve been waiting for an elixir to combat anemia in patients suffering from lupus, then this is it.