Here is a way to energize yourself naturally Ageing Health / Dietary Supplements

It is just past morning. You find yourself weary and tired— and if such has been the case for quite a while now, then this is your body calling for help. You could have been living an impede quality of life. Low vitality is benign yet bothersome when if effects just your daily household chores, but inimical when it reflects negatively on the psychological, intellectual and professional growth.

These days we see a virtual epidemic of fatigue—the feeling of tiredness and lack of energy, not just in parents who juggle between work and home, but children and young adults facing immense performance pressure also show insufficient vigor. What has led us to this situation where our body performs inadequately? Consumption of junk food, malabsorption of vitamins and minerals has long been known to hinder physical health. But, what about the fatigue? Do all these factors take a toll on our energy levels too? Yes, indeed. Insufficient oxygen, increase in toxins levels due to pollution, and undernourishment are the main reasons causing stress and tiredness, affecting our concentration and overall well being.

We all know oxygen is critical for survival. It revitalizes each cell of our body. Promoting a good amount of oxygen within our body keeps us fresh and energetic all day long. The single best method of increasing oxygen circulation in our blood is through the inculcation of chlorophyll, found in green grasses and plants. Wheat Grass of all natural grasses is known to induce most oxygen— it’s chlorophyll structure is almost similar to that of hemoglobin, found in humans, with one exception: chlorophyll is inbuilt with magnesium, whereas hemoglobin with iron. Nevertheless, chlorophyll is designed such that it releases magnesium and absorbs iron in the human body. This is the only reason why wheat grass is rightly called ‘the green blood‘.

MWH Real Grass contains wheat grass along with two more potent grasses: barley and alfalfa. These together produce 70% of chlorophyll, more than doubly increasing the amount of fresh, healthy oxygen in the blood.  This strong combination purifies the blood by neutralizing harmful toxins; and helps maintain an optimum pH level, which enables oxygen absorption. When chlorophyll is induced in the body, it aids in rapid delivery of magnesium which in turn helps in faster blood transport oxygen to cells.  All of these factors show a positive influence on the brain as well as the body,  reducing stress level and boosting energy respectively.

Each of these grasses are organically grown and proportionally combined to supply optimum nutrients. It helps boost energy and alertness. MWH Real Grass also works phenomenally over sings of aging and anaemia. It prolongs the signs of aging and fights against premature aging.

So now,  get your daily dose of energy with MWH Live Green Real Grass.