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Time and Space are relative terms. No one has been able to measure them in full capacity. It is a fact that no one can turn time, but it is how you use time, that time rewards you back! In order to live a strong and healthy life you owe yourself some extra effort. A well honed body would be far more productive than that which is sedentary. Looking and feeling young are dependent on ‘how young your body truly feels’.

This is the 21st century and we all know looking young is no problem at all. Select brands flash instant-renewal applications that promise a ‘younger you’ in a matter of weeks. But even someone blind would be able to tell you that it can’t be true. How could you manage to look young or healthy for that matter by treating the outside, when what’s outside is only a reflection of the inside!

When we say we ‘bring back lost time’ we mean it. Our products are not some wondrous revolution to turn you into a teenager. They are a manifestation of solutions that resolve root causes of issues at the very core. Complimentary to everyone’s lifestyle, you will now have the power to completely fill nutritional gaps and clip pre-mature ageing right in the bud.

Live Green is lineage that harnesses the bounties of Nature, provided to you in the most effective format, backed by intrinsic research to better it’s involvements in your life. Branched into two products ‘Real Grass’ is one of the most effective methods to battle ageing from ‘within’ while ‘Real Veggies’ dish out even trace nutrients you need to stay fit as a fiddle!

Live Green Real Grass is a clever mix of potent cereal grasses that work on you from the inside. Being excellent anti-oxidants they ensure that you not only look younger, but feel better and more agile everyday! On the other hand, Live Green Real Grass is formatted everyday nutrition with ease. It combines the flurry of 5 important vegetables that together, work as elixir on your insides too.

These products are a direct representation of scientific prowess and Nature’s therapeutic brilliance. They cause absolutely no harm and will help improve resistance against a relapse of the same issues.