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World Jump day”,this term was coined by Torsten Lauschmann,a German artist with the intention to battle against global warming. The first world jump day was held on 20th July 2006.At that time, Mr.Lauschmann asserted that 600 million people in the western hemisphere were expected to jump at the same time.Through this episode his intention was basically to remind people about the effects of global warming.

Like wise, children also love jumping and playing around the place but then as they grow older why do they lack energy?Along with energy they may also experience joint pain, muscle pain,why? The answer is clear and simple.It is because they lack adequate nourishment and due to which they may suffer from vitamin deficiencies.Vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle pain , joint pain, darker skin,lack energy.As we age our body loses its ability to produce vitamin D in response to sun exposure. Although sun is a rich source of vitamin D, but due to leading a fast paced life we are unable to expose ourselves to the sun.Also it depends on how long do you expose , which part do you expose and the time during which you need to expose.Morning sunlight is the best source of vitamin D for healthy bones and after 11 am the sun is too harsh due to which exposure at that time can cause tanning.

In pursuance to get adequate vitamin D, MWH has formulated a vitamin D supplement to fulfill that requirement.MWH Nourishtra Vitamin D is enriched with natural fruit flavor with negligible side effects.It contains ergocalciferol,a form of vitamin D.Ergocalciferol is responsible for intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate which enables to be osteomalacia (softening of bones) and osteoporosis ( loss of bone mass) at bay.Similarly MWH Nourishtra Junior Multi vitamin and Mineral Gummies is specifically designed for children.It is an excellent source of vitamin A, D , E ,C,B5,B12,mg,zn which is essential for their overall growth and developmentMWH Nourishtra Junior  Multi vitamin and Mineral Gummies fosters healthy gums ,eye sight , memory , bones and teeth.

Come lets celebrate this world jump day with MWH Nourishtra Vitamin D and MWH Nourishtra Junior Multi vitamin and Mineral Gummies.