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It is not uncommon for a Londoner to assert that Trafalgar Square is located at the heart of his city. Or for a Parisian to locate Louvre close to the heart of Paris. So, what exactly is the origin of this popular reference?

It all begins with you. You owe your life to that fist-sized organ throbbing inside you round the clock. It is this clock-mimicking organ of yours called the heart that keeps you alive. And this is exactly why landmarks graduate into the allegorical heart. They are always thriving with energy and are sites of the city’s frenzy and frolic.

The human heart behaves in a similar fashion. Approximately 7,000 litres of blood mushroom every day, and it is the heart that makes it possible. With its every beat, around 1/3 cup of blood is pumped into the body.

This blood is like a transportation vehicle. It journeys to every organ while carrying all the substances that they require. The most important substance out of these is oxygen.

And perhaps after heart, brain is the most important organ. This combo of the important organ and substance is accountable for life. Your brain requires a constant supply of oxygen. It requires O2 for the generation of energy.
Without energy, there would be no life, and without oxygen in the brain, there would be no energy. When your heart stops beating, this oxygen stops reaching the brain all at once. If the condition arrives when this happens, you will be said to be suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

Besides brain, heart is itself another organ that requires a perpetual supply of oxygen. Therefore, the other threatening factor for heart is heart attack. During myocardial infarction, or heart attack, it is blood that stops journeying into the heart.

At this moment, the heart skins down in want of oxygen. When it cannot receive that, it remains unable to work any further. This is why a heart attack is often followed by an SCA, as oxygen-rich blood does not enter the brain.
Cholesterol is one of the primary causes of heart attack. Chronic deposition of “bad” cholesterol fills up arteries. This causes the resistance in blood flow towards the heart. Junk food and tobacco are the major culprits that make cholesterol settle in the arteries.

Leading a healthy lifestyle preserves heart health. It keeps the fragile arteries safe from cholesterol deposition. Blood flows to the heart as promised, and brain receives its oxygen supply. MWH brands such Live Green, Smart Men and Promising Herbs ensure that this entire process is executed well.

Live Green Real Veggies keeps blood purified from toxins released from smoking so that heart receives oxygen-rich blood.
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