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I bet everyone reads literature on “how to look younger”. The answers available are shaky as well as complimentary to a daily schedule. There will be numerous experts who will tell you that you should simply eat healthy and exercise enough. But does that really work? Only to a slight extent. This is simply because a proper diet and exercise alone cannot ensure that you continue to look young and vibrant always.

A lot of external factors affect the way you look. One such important factor is stress. It manifests on both, the inside and outside and makes you both, feel as well as look older than you are. When this happens, the next thing you’ll be looking for is “how to get rid of dark circles”.

While there are various answers to looking younger, not all are as effective as the others. Secondly, there is a considerable difference between simply ‘looking young’ and ‘feeling young’ altogether. One cannot treat ageing from the outside alone. If your body is gradually wearing out from the inside, it is bound to manifest on your skin eventually. We asked a new customer to answer a few questions for us on “how to give yourself a makeover”. She firmly replied, “Get yourself some Live Green Real Grass“. Here’s what more she had to say:

How did you decide to start taking Real Grass?
I read about the product understood the benefits it would provide me with in comparison with my lifestyle and hectic work schedule. The product promised to not only make me look younger, but also ‘feel’ more vibrant and energetic. And believe me, it did every bit of all of this!

How long has it been since you started and do you feel the difference?
I have been taking one pill of Live Green Real Grass once a day for 2 months now. I do certainly feel the difference. I have more energy to perform my duties, I am far less cranky and I do not get easily irritated. I won’t want to boast about the difference in my looks myself, but for the amount of compliments I have received from friends and colleagues, I think they feel I’m working magic.

Would you recommend it to someone else within your social reach?
Certainly! In fact, I’ve already told everyone I know about it!!
Live Green Real Grass packs the goodness of 3 certified cereal grasses Alfalfa, Barley and Wheat grass and helps you overcome premature ageing in a cohesive manner. The result, a naturally younger and more agile you. The best part, it is completely free of allergens so you won’t have any problem absolutely.