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Did you know what is the best source of vitamin D? Your raging mind shouts ‘Sunlight’. Bingo! That’s what provides us with adequate Vitamin-D. An appropriate amount of vitamin D in the body  can work wonders for your overall health. Ample exposure to sunlight helps in the synthesis of Vitamin-D, a fat soluble pheromone, that helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in our bodies. This is just one aspect of the many new findings of the benefits of Vitamin-D.

Of About the 5 types of Vitamin D, Vitamins D2 and D3 are that which are used by the human body. Constant studies have illustrated the wonders of this scarce Vitamin and have explained the  importance of its presence for a healthy body functioning. Research has shown that people with good levels of Vitamin-D show lower probabilities of developing cancerous diseases. Good levels of this Vitamin are additionally associated with healthy body-weight, improved brain functioning in older adults, decreased symptoms of asthma, lowered risks of heart related diseases and most important better development of immunity.

These days due to busy schedules, we hardly get any time to soak up in the sun and this may hamper the production of vitamin D in the body.However sunlight is the best source of vitamin D,but it is quite a controversial affair dealing with prolonged exposure to the sun. First of all, you wouldn’t like the nasty tan and it takes a while to come off as well as  leaves your skin drastically damaged. Vitamin D production in the body also depends on how long you exposed yourself to the sun , which part was exposed ,how much was it exposed etc. As you all know , anything in excess can be fatal. Thus, increased amounts of sun exposure can also lead to skin cancers and scarring burns. It completely takes away what makes you beautiful. Moreover, if you live away from the tropics, you are bound to miss out on your share of Vitamin-D due to sparse sun light. What’s the point of chasing the sun when I’m slapping on so much of sun-screen?” you may wonder! Well…

You really needn’t bother about basking in the sunlight anymore. Here’s uniting ‘medical fashion and you’! MWH has formulated a Vitamin D supplement in order to fulfill that nutritional gap. Nourishtra Vitamin-D gummies are gelatine-free; pectin based ‘chewy’ delights that will nurture your body with the required Vitamin-D. The gummies are packed with  natural fruit flavors and are so good,that you may wish to pop them all in together.

So now brace your bones without soaking up in the sun with MWH Nourishtra Vitamin D.