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FIFA‘s month long tournament has given food jaunts some booming business. They have planned special menus and created an ambiance just appropriate for the football fans: screening of matches over some delicious delicacies and drinks. If you have not been to any such places yet, you must have definitely prepared some lip-snaking delicacies at home, right? With cheese topping, deep-fried potato chips, carbonated drinks? Very yummy, isn’t it? But how healthy are they?100% fat laden. 0% nutritive.

The intake of carbonated drinks and junk food for a day or two is likely, but continuing it for a month long will only cause changes in liver enzymes.The high levels of fatty acids found in many junk foods and fast foods can lead to fatty liver deposits, which, over time, can cause liver dysfunction.

Football is a high-spirited sport. But, many football enthusiasts get carried away by the craze it brings along and indulge in unhealthy practices, such as binge drinking and munching unhealthy snacks, which detriment their liver. Take the following check-list to know if you are one of them.

Are you feeling chronically fatigued? And do you lack the energy you need to perform daily tasks? If yes, this is your body warning you that your liver is not in good shape. Fast food and junk food don’t contain adequate amounts of protein and good carbohydrates, which is why the blood sugar levels drop after eating them, leaving you feeling grumpy, fatigued and craving for sugar.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate? This is again because of high levels of dietary fat. It leads to poor cognitive performance. You feel tired and have trouble concentrating as your body does not get enough oxygen.

If you fall under any one of the above conditions, you may have the risk of falling prey to obesity and diabetes, and also suffer from mood swings and constipation.

Now the question arises, how to protect our liver amidst enjoying FIFA World Cup?

Well, MWH will answer this for you.

Real VeggiesMWH has introduced Live Green Real Veggies– a unique liver detoxification pill that not only enhances liver detoxification pathways, but also repairs and regenerates liver cells. It is made of six USDA-certified, organically-produced vegetables: cabbage, carrot, broccoli, beet root, spinach and parsley, which cleanse, detoxify and regenerate the liver.

MWH Live Green Real Veggies efficiently eliminates liver toxins produced by consuming unhealthy food during this FIFA season. It also helps deal with issues like low energy, fatigue, mental fogginess and chronic headache, that you enjoy the World Cup with great gusto and full health.

So now enjoy the match and simultaneously cleanse your liver.