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There are a lot of arguments about the use of dietary supplements. A lot of critics will tell you that you can live without them. This is in all honesty, true! You can indeed live without nutritional supplements, as long as you wish to risk contracting dietary deficiency diseases. You may retort with the fact that you always strive to maintain good health, ensure that you have nutritious diets and include a good deal of exercise in our regime too.

But are you sure you are getting everything you need from all of this. For one, Vitamin D is very tough to get enough of. With directives to stay out of the sun for fear of skin-cancer, how else do you get your Vitamin D? You also may know about DHA-Omega 3, it’s a fatty acid that makes up most of your brain, eyes and heart. This cannot be reproduced by the body and has to be supplemented from the outside. For those that do not like the stench of fish-oil, how do you manage getting your share of DHA?

There are various types of supplements. While is it true that not all are safe to use frequently, we at MWH devise our products to assimilate into your lives and become an intrinsic part of it. Contrary to other supplements, ours do not have absolutely any side effects and in-fact provide long-term care and targeted action with continual use.

Our best in class offering is a veg source of DHA-Omega 3. Made from microalgae that provide fish with their DHA, Nourishtra Omega -3 is completely vegetarian and provides you with all the benefits of traditional Omega-3 sourced from fish.

Our next genius is something that’s even surprised us. It proves to be the best care for children as well as adults. Formatted as pectin based fruit gummies, you and your children now have access to allergen-free Vitamin D. While providing your child with the required Vitamin D, it also increases the absorption of calcium in-turn helping your child’s bones grown stronger. It additionally keeps the teeth and gums strong and helps with other bodily functions too. Its scrumptious taste proves to be the best care for children. They’ll remind you to give them their daily dose even if it slips your mind to.

MWH Nourishtra understands the needs of us all. It is devised into an easy, every-day format for ease of use and ensures that you do not miss out on anything necessary for your body. It floats both an adult as well as a junior range with targeted action and good long term results. It’s as it’s always said ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so prevent lifestyle issues before they begin, take better care everyday.