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After a long tiring week, all of us would love to unwind by just letting our hair down and partying till the wee hours of morning.Good food , good music and booze is something we look forward to during the weekend.

Parties , weddings are incomplete without booze. There are different kinds of alcoholic drinks but majority of them love whiskey because of its taste. It is an elite alcoholic drink which originates from Scotland.Whiskey is the life of a party since most of the people prefer drinking whiskey while partying.

Most of them have a collection of various whiskey brands and store it for a long period so that it matures over the years, but whiskey in unopened bottles doesn’t become better or worse.It only matures in the cask when it has contact to the oak wood.

However opened whiskey bottles behave differently since the taste changes as well as it has a shelf life of six months to two years.During storage of open whiskey bottles, firstly the alcohol evaporates and the taste of the whiskey becomes smoother .However ,this change of taste can’t be predicted since it either becomes better but it’s often worse.Thus its best not to have too many bottles of whiskey open and instead drink those bottles which you opened within a few months

While partying is always a perfect escape from the daily pressures of work, relationships and financial stressors, there’s always one aspect of it that we all dread “THE HANGOVER”.

But now you don’t have to worry about those painful hang over symptoms , since MWH Post Party will take care of your hang over symptoms and will allow you to party all night.Post party contains the extracts of prickly pear cactus plant, which significantly stimulates the alcohol metabolizing enzymes, thus restraining hang over symptoms.

MWH Post Party :

  • Eliminates hangover symptoms such as nausea , head aches abdominal pain.
  • It also curbs your craving for alcohol and you won’t end up binge drinking.
  • All you have to do is just consume it orally 30mins prior to your first drink and then you are good to go.So, now you can wake up the next morning without puking or enduring a head ache.
  • All the Party Animals come celebrate this World Whiskey Day with MWH Post Party and party all night.