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A vegetarian diet is known to house a million health benefits. There exist multifaceted properties of the vegetable kingdom that help prevent and treat biological disorders naturally.

  • Premature Ageing

  • Chlorophyll

It is a pigment found in every green flora. Its connection with hemoglobin is very unique as they share similar chemical structures. When chlorophyll is induced in blood, its metabolism has a regenerating effect on hemoglobin. Improved hemoglobin concentration in blood enables it to maintain its pH balance. Blood alkalinity prevents acidification of blood by preventing accumulation of the ageing protein – Lipofuscin.

  • Antioxidants

The need for free radical scavenging is increasing everyday. Unfavourable lifestyle patterns such as unhealthy food, alcohol consumption and smoking lead to formation of free radicals. Antioxidants arrest these radicals in order to prevent oxidative damage. Free radicals begin degrading the health of organs inch by inch. Organ damage slows down body functions, which emerge as signs of ageing.

  • Liver Detoxification

The austerity of unfavourable lifestyles is actually infinite. They cause “blood pollution” by depositing excessive toxins in it. Cleansing these toxins overworks the liver, which gets fatigued in the near future. Its misbehaviour disrupts normal body functions and eventually leads to liver-associated disorders, especially migraine.

Consuming a green diet helps detoxify the liver, thus preventing such disorders. Leafy green vegetables are fortified with phytochemicals that enrich the natural process of liver detoxification.


MWH Live Green is a brand of dietary supplements that specialises in selecting the best of greens for you. The ingredients it uses are the best that nature has to offer.

For instance, wheat grass is the most luxurious of all chlorophyll providers as its content is as high as 70%. Live Green Real Grass is powerpacked with 3 certified cereal grasses – wheat grass, barley and alfalfa. Synergy of 3 grasses enable delaying of premature ageing in the most effective manner possible. It just couldn’t get better!

Real Grass also contains antioxidants that are robust free radical scavengers. Phytochemicals found in sunflower and sesame seeds arrest these radicals to prevent premature ageing. It is world’s first all-natural anti-ageing pill. Its dual effect makes it a stalwart supplement of delaying premature ageing.

If 5 ingredients make Real Grass a superhero, Live Green Real Veggies exceeds expectations! Real Veggies contains 6 organic vegetables that are the best detoxes available in nature. Beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, parsley and spinach provide the best of all detoxifying effects.

Through detoxification, Real Veggies helps combats the harmful effects of stress, chemotherapy and prescription drugs. They deposit excessive toxins in the blood that liver works at removing. Liver detoxification is an important step toward blood cleanse, which is steadily graduating into a difficult task.

Real Veggies and Real Grass are organic supplements that urge you to live green. They contain the best selections from nature only to nourish you with all the natural goodness.

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