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As I walked to work this day, I couldn’t help but ponder over the song I heard someone play the other day. “You only need the light when it’s burning low; Only miss the sun when it starts to snow…”  This is all I vaguely recollect from what little I had heard.

Real Veggies

How little we value the small things in life. How much more do we take for granted the important things, until after we have lost them or about to lose them. It could be someone we are profoundly attached to, like a lover or something as prominent as our liver, for that matter. Both, the lover and the liver do so much for us and ask nothing in return. And we, instead of caring for them, toxicate each of them with our words or habits.

The habits we have learnt or developed with our changing environment has made us into what we are today. If we are healthy, we have developed healthy habits. If we are not as healthy as we should be, we have learnt the wrong lesson. Most people’s lifestyle is loaded with substances that do nothing, but abuse our body. Unhealthy habits such as smocking, alcohol, junk food, gluttony are practices that do little good or no good, but much harm to our body.

To resolve or reverse this issue, we need to get rid of the toxins present in our bodydetoxify ourselves – ‘Abstinence from toxic substances and indulgence in  healthy practices’.

Our unhealthy lifestyle has piled high the level of toxins in our body, which can be injurious to health, if not eliminated at the right time. The aftermath could be as remorse as cancer or any other ailment. Thus, it is wise to be proactive, now, and influx ourselves with antioxidants which purify our blood, than to be sorry later. Antioxidants reduce the damage caused by toxins in our body. Once our liver is efficient, it promotes effective functionality within the other internal processes like digestion.

Vegetables like carrot, spinach, parsley, broccoli, cabbage and beetroot are the best gifts of nature that work to detoxify liver, and reduce the damage caused by increased level of toxins. MWH Real Veggies is a supplement that possesses the goodness of  all these 6 vegetables, which work in concert to purify the liver and enable its efficiency. With our internal organ (liver) being purified, it reflects positively on the outside. This consistent act of  liver detoxification develops into a healthy habit, preventing ailments in the future.

For it is better to be safe than sorry; safeguard than to lose.