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Crossing half century does make you feel like a super achiever, but if you think you are perfectly healthy and strong at this age, and need nothing to support your body, you are mistaken. Men are more prone to heart attacks than women, says health reports. It is also noticed that they are the last ones to visit their family physicians, that too, in case of emergencies only. This is a rigid attitude found in most men, which is difficult to change. Thus, prevention is rightly considered as the new life-saving tool in the battle against health breakdown.

Smart Men 50PlusMWH Smart Men 50+ is a comprehensive health solution for men above the age of 50. It deals with different health concerns of men, from cardiovascular health to neurological stability, from maintaining prostate health to reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. Smart Men 50+ is a 100% natural, herbal supplement that shields you from most possible diseases, which are as follows.

Heart disease: Coronary artery disease and stroke are the most common forms of cardiovascular disease, while valvular heart disease and rheumatic heart disease are the atypical forms of the same. The bilberry extract in Smart Men 50+ decreases plaque formation in the artery, which improves viscosity and reduces blood clots. It also reduces the amount of low-density lipoprotein or LDL (bad cholesterol) from the blood stream, inhibiting cholesterol absorption in the intestines. Lowering the LDL levels is a profound approach toward maintaining a healthy heart.

Neurological instability: The most overlooked area in health is neurological health. The brain, spine and nerves fall under this category. Age related oxidative stress and unhealthy lifestyle increases the damage caused by free radical activity in the brain. MWH Smart Men 50+ is rich in antioxidants, which reduces free radical damage. It increases immunity and boosts cell-to-cell communication. It could also reduce the risk of neurologic movement disorder, such as rhythmic shaking.

Prostate health: Bacteria in the prostate gland leads to disorders like prostate enlargement, infection and even prostate cancer. Common symptoms of chronic bacterial prostatitis include urination problems, dysuria, back pain and pelvic pain. MWH Smart Men 50+ is rich in lycopene; it relieves urinary problems and inhibits enlargement of prostate, preventing tumour growth.

Erectile dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common condition with men as they grow older. Smart Men 50+ is infused with pycnogenol, which reduces the risk of ED by relaxing the muscles and increasing blood circulation in the area.