Men–The Supplements You Require Ageing Health / Dietary Supplements / Healthy & Balance

Men appear to be tough and strong from the outside, which is why we assume them to be as fit as a horse. In reality, they are the ones who battle heart disease and hair loss more than women. An Increasing number of men are also showing signs of bone diseases, and prostate and colon cancers.

In our present day setting, stress and anxiety are the unsolicited guests. And to be able to tackle them is another gigantic task. Restlessness, agitation, lack of focus are issues confronted by most men, irrespective of which age group or occupation they belong to. The most salutary advice a man could get to elevate his mental and physical health– is to debar addiction and sought to preventive health care measures.

Two of MWH’s products are customarily designed for men that they free themselves from the bounds of impaired health and a witness holistic lifestyle.

smart men pillMWH Smart Men Endurance: It is formulated to transcend mental abilities in men. It stimulates the positive brain waves, bringing about a placid and focused mind state. It phenomenally raises the alpha waves in the brain which assuages negative emotions such as fatigue, distress, anxiety, paranoia, worry and fear. Smart Men Endurance is an herbal infusion. It tranquils the mind and body, improving cognitive functions: awareness, alertness and focus in the mind.

50 plusMWH Smart Men 50Plus: This is developed to replenish seniors with their lost vigour. It improves neurological signals and increases blood supply throughout the body. The body, on being well nurtured reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prostate and colon cancer, and erectile dysfunction.

As a shield from exotoxins, men need to envelope themselves with additional nutrients. Vitamin D or The Solar Vitamin is proven essential for joint-matrix maintenance: weak bones (osteoporosis), bone pain (osteomalacia) and other bone disorders such as bone crack, bone loss, brittle bones. Vitamin D supplements are brimmed with ergocalciferol, which also aid in muscle contraction, nerve conduction and cell growth.

The eye is one sensitive sensory organ that depletes when not given the required attention. With age, macular degeneration is inevitable, but can be controlled. Lutein, an antioxidant carotenoid, is long known to improve colour vision and sharpen eye sight. It protects the eyes from symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS): headaches, eye strain and blurry vision. Lutein also helps shield the retinal macula from environmental and UV pollutants, and reduces the risk of pigmentary glaucoma.