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When it is the question of young children, we all must pay utmost attention to anything that concerns them, be it their outward safety or their internal health. Most of the young children are either in school or about to join school. Some require utmost care and love while others want to remain independent. It is our duty as adults to give our children an environment that is conducive to their health. We can do it by looking out for newer ways to brace their inner and external selves.

A growing child requires a lot of vitamins and nutrients for growing up into a strong and healthy individual. Most of the vitamins and nutrients that are required by the child’s body is often times sacrificed due to poor dietary habits and their wayward eating tantrums.

Along with all the study-related pressure that envelops a growing child in his/her blooming years, be it Maths, Science or English, children at the same time are also exposed and susceptible to germs. Therefore it is advisable to keep your kid healthy strong and fortified by starting his or her day off with children’s vitamins.

Below mentioned are some ways to pick out the right vitamins and health supplements for kids:

    • Make sure to pick and choose a multivitamin and mineral supplement that is specifically designed for the age group of your child.
    • Have a closer look at the details and chose a multivitamin supplement that contains 100% of the daily value for all vitamins and minerals and not jut any health supplement.
    • Children are known to sneak and get things that taste good, something of this sort should be strictly avoided. Every vitamin has its own dosage and care should be taken that it does not exceed. Care should be taken by the elders to store vitamins out of reach of your children and they should be informed that they are vitamin supplements and not any treat or candy.
    • Make sure that you do not use the multivitamin and mineral supplements in stead of food or the regular diet. Always give your children healthy meals and snacks.
    • If in case you little one is deficient in vitamin D or is unable to attain the required amount of vitamin D from the diet or sunlight, be sure to supplement that loss with a vitamin D supplement so that the calcium is braced with vitamin D for healthy bones and a strong skeleton to support his mortal frame powerfully throughout his/her life.
    • In order to brace the immune system of your child make sure that you provide the necessary vitamin C supplement.

One of the most important nutrient that is necessary for a strong bone formation is calcium. If your child is not too keen on gulping milk or having dairy products, make sure that the calcium in him/her is supplemented through a good calcium supplement fit for his age. supplement 800 mg in younger children and 1200-1500 mg in older children and adolescents.