Multivitamins — To Boost Men’s Health Dietary Supplements / Healthy Living

Although it is said that men and women are equal, nature has biologically distinguished each from the other. This distinguished factor is clearly visible in various attributes. Just as men and women think and perform differently, the quantity of nutrients a man requires differs from that what a woman needs. He need the same component, but in a large quantity. It is seen that men fall short of vitamins when it come to nutrients.


Considering the fact that men indulge in a lot of physical activities and carry more responsibilities than women, their body demands a lot more than what is actually offered. The nutrient content in a daily meal is often not sufficient to perform routine tasks. The difference in body mass size between men and women is also one of the reasons why men need more vitamins. Today, most men fall short of vitamin C, E, A and K.


With the increase in stress level and addiction to unhealthy lifestyle, it has become vital for men to take precautionary care of their heart and overall body. Vitamin C fastens the process of wound healing which is necessary for smokers, as nicotine destroys many cells in our body. A dosage of 125 mg is necessary for smoking men. Vitamin C also helps reduce heart disease risk and increases fertility.


Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps prevent heart disease, strokes, cataracts and signs of ageing. It protects cells and DNA, enhances the immune system and reduces the growth of tumours. Like Vitamin E, Vitamin A is also a cancer fighting compound. It inhibits the production of DNA in cancerous cells. It is also helpful in diseases caused by viruses like measles, respiratory viruses, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). An proportionate amount of vitamin A can help in speedy recovery of these diseases.


Vitamin K is highly essential for bone health: reduces bone loss and decreases risk of bone fractures. With an increase in age the bone density decreases, osteoporosis is a condition of this kind. It is commonly found in men over 60 years. A good vitamin K consumption during the youth days can prevent bone loss and other bone related issues.


It has been witnessed that most men consume an equivalent amount of nutrients as women, when they perform an altogether tougher level of tasks daily. It has to be understood that men and women need the same nutrients, but the proportions differ. A man’s body definitely requires a greater proportion of nutrients to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.