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Are you familiar with that analogy? The one dieticians draw between a healthy diet and a human fist? As you are aware, 5 fingers draw a fist. And according to dieticians, 5 fingers should ideally constitute a healthy diet. The 5 fingers are to be carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals! The scenario appears this way.

And, applauses for this wonderful analogy! But while you were engrossed in it, it had slipped out of your mind that you were listening only to a theory. We, as humans, share a collective lust for food. Even strict dieting can’t banish your food cravings. Your fast-paced lifestyles are additional reasons why you’re unable to follow a healthy diet.


And yes, you guessed it correct. Your unhealthy food habits are certainly the main culprits in establishing unhealthy lifestyles. But in spite of being so well-informed, you are readily consuming junk foods. And unknowingly, worsening your liver health.

Why Detox your Liver?

Were you aware unhealthy lifestyles cause toxin accumulation? In fact, your liver’s function is to eliminate toxins. Its inability to remove toxins causes it to gradually get fatigued. And this you can’t really afford, since it would stop your blood from getting purified. Impure blood has adverse effects on your organs.

This is the precise reason why it is important that you detoxify your liver well. Liver detoxification restores efficient functioning of your liver. We, at MWH, recognise the necessity of liver detoxification. That’s why we have furnished our brand MWH Live Green Real Veggies, which is an organic liver detoxification supplement.

What makes us Pioneers in Liver Detoxification?

Our liver detoxification pill consists of 6 USDA-certified organically-grown vegetables – Beetroot, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Parsley and Spinach. These ingredients have been carefully selected in order to reap benefits of their active ingredients. These biologically active ingredients possess myriadliver-associated functions. They conduct a completedetoxifying effect. Please take a glance at this table to recognise their individual functions.





Cabbage and Broccoli


Stimulates toxin-inhibiting enzymes in the gut and liver



Protects bile ducts, thus regulating bile production



Protects the liver from ammonia precipitation

Cabbage and Broccoli


Formation of Phase II enzymes, thus initiating toxin elimination



INTRACELLULAR – inhibiting free radicals and participating in toxin-eliminating chemical reactions


Real Veggies’ liver detoxifyingeffect is all-inclusive. Its 5 active ingredients act upon every minute detail necessary for toxin elimination. And that’s why, we are pioneers in liver detoxification.

Why are Health Supplements a Blessing?

Have you ever wondered, albeit hypothetically, what would happen if healthy diets were actually consumed everyday by everyone? The world would seriously be eradicated of all diseases! But unfortunately, this is practically impossible.  

Neither should you forget about your daily stress. So you see, fast-paced lifestyles affect you  more than you can ever calculate. This is precisely why health supplements are a blessing. 

Natural health supplements are able to bridge the nutritional gap you create for yourself, without any side-effects. Also, they negate the health effects of stress that you just can’t avoid. MWH Live Green Real Veggies is a life’s essential, since it helps you survive in this modern world. Through a natural liver detoxification, Live Green Real Veggies rejuvenates your liver. With this, you are shielded from all future health disorders. And isn’t this exactly how you you imagine your healthy future?