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Your car would not move without fuel. This is the only reason why you’ve got to re-fuel your car when you’ve run out. Consider your body just like an automotive engine. It requires to be re-fuelled with essential fuels regularly. This fuel, better known as ‘nutrients‘, help your body continue to perform both internal as well as physical activities. A lot of these nutrients also cannot be produced by our bodies and hence have to be supplemented from the outside. This is how you eliminate nutritional gaps.

Diseases caused due to the absence of nutrients are called Dietary Deficiency Diseases. These can range from issues that subdue your harmonic schedule or could scale up a notch or two to become life-threatening.

One more important fact to remember is that even if you manage to consume healthy foods, the grade of these foods are not standardized and hence you do not end up meeting with daily nutritional requirements. Hence we decided to bring to you the most effective ways of meeting with your nutritional needs. ‘Nourishtra‘ is developed to go that extra mile to provide you with both conventional and unconventional nutrients that help protect and shield you from a score of issues.

Our DHA Omega-3 is completely ‘vegetarian‘ as it’s being sourced directly from micro algae. Being a major component in your eyes, heart and brain, it helps protect your eyes and provides good cardio-vascular support. Being a primary structural component, it shields your heart and brain.

Noursihtra Bilberry and Lutein is devised for targeted action against ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ which is a growing concern brought about by the unavoidable technological age. It filters high frequency blue waves which damage your eyes and hence shields them from any damage.