A guide to healthy heart Dietary Supplements

FIFA World Cup 2014 is witnessing some jaw-dropping cheers, cries and screams from all around the world. The craze and  madness happening on the field  is  felt by  millions of fans sitting in front of their TV sets oceans away. Yes, that’s the charismatic power of FIFA.

However, this life-affirming fiesta, could also be a matter of life and death for some. Emotional strain, heart attacks, depression, road accidents, binge-drinking are recorded to raise an alarm during this season.

Those having a history of high blood pressure and heart conditions show a higher risk of falling prey to heart problems during FIFA.

Hormones have a role to play here

It is not only the testosterone which triggers aggression, egocentric and risky behavior,but  cortisol, the stress hormone, on the other hand, also causes cumulative negative stress. The rise in the fluctuation of these hormones causes change in the behavioral patterns, such as anxiety, paranoia, agitation.

How MWH Smart Men can help

MWH Smart Men has meticulously formulated two products: MWH Smart Men 50+ and MWH Smart Men Endurance, both of which, cater to the needs of modern men. While the former replenishes zeal and zest in men above the age of 50, the other lowers stress and anxiety levels. Both these products of MWH are made of natural ingredients and are potent in their own way.

MWH Smart Men 50+MWH Smart Men 50+:

It helps manages your biological health clock. It is a concoction of potent herbs, which together transcend your heart and neurological health. Its main component is bilberry, whose benefits are known to extend from cardiovascular issues to neurological health. It fortifies blood vessel walls, which increases oxygen supply in the brain and several body parts. It also promotes heart efficiency and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

MWH Smart Men EnduranceMWH Smart Men Endurance:

It brings an affirmative sensation by raising the positive brain waves. It also regulates stress level, and improves mental and physical performances in the multitasking men of today. MWH Smart Men Endurance balances chemical activity in the brain and enables clarity of thought with a relaxed mind state.

FIFA is a sporting game and MWH Smart Men enables you to enjoy each moment of the game to its fullest while you have a healthy and a happy heart.