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Supplements that exhibit multidimensional effects on health are rare. If you show excessive concern with cardiovascular health supplements, you may start neglecting the others. If you get preoccupied with eye vitamins, the other vitamins may suffer from neglect. With such a complex biological system, selecting individual supplements is a task inded!

So, how about a dietary supplement that would take care of your health overall? One supplement for all three vital organs? Omega-3 health supplements are the best nutritional needs for this precise reason. They are the “good” fats that are omnipresent in your body.

Their major residential areas are the brain, retina and heart. DHA is the most important of all fatty acids as it constitutes maximum percentages (97% of brain and 93% of retina) of these organs. This makes DHA supplements ideal for overall health because a healthy brain, a healthy vision, and a healthy heart constitute of basic health requirements.

DHA is a boon for overall health but its supplements contain high probabilities of being accompanied with negative side-effects. These fatty acids are derivatives of non-vegetarian sources as marine organisms contain them in luxurious amounts.

But as you are aware, water pollution is a growing concern. Above one billion population remain inaccessible to clean water .Toxic chemicals get chronically deposited in marine organisms, which make them unreliable for consumption. Their entry into the human food chain may even spell cancer!

To demolish all such apocalyptic probabilities, here is MWH Nourishtra Omega-3. Nullified of all contaminants, our DHA extractions emerge from vegetarian sources. They are derived from organically-grown microalgae because they contain the richest amounts of DHA. We use the world’s best DHA, which is

  • Derived from vegetarian, organic and sustainable sources
  • Free from ocean-borne contaminants
  • Clinically-proven

Yes, our omega-3 DHA is clinically-proven for

  • Eyes – preventing degradation of the retina
  • Heart – lowering heart rate, blood pressure and LDL Chloresterol levels
  • Pregnant Ladies – nurturing healthy foetus development
  • Lactating Mothers – preserving health of infant
  • Brain Development – improving reading and behaviour skills in underperforming school children

Research has also shown that algal DHA is a potent memory booster supplement. It is absolutely undeniable that vegetarian omega-3 health supplements provide the best nourishment for overall health.

MWH Nourishtra Omega-3 is for those who wish to receive that extra nourishment from nature. It helps you celebrate a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle by supporting your brain, retina and heart at the same time. Overall health is now posssible with just one pop-in!

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