Peanut Skin Surprisingly Lowers The Risk Of Possible Weight Gain Dietary Supplements / Fitness & Exercise / Weight loss & Obesity / Weight Management

Who would have thought this tiny little reddish, paper-thin peanut skin would contain just as many, if not more, benefits as fruits and vegetables. It supports heart and skin health. And what it does even better is that it reduces the risk of weight gain. Peanut skin is not only high in fibre, but also rich in antioxidants.

Peanut skin, which is generally considered to be a waste, is also assumed to be the fuel behind weight ignition by most people. But, a prospective study just allays such fears as groundless. In fact, it manages to keep weight under control by doing the following:

  • Manage hunger
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Its “good fat” provides satiety and taste satisfaction
  • Its low glycemic index stabilises blood sugar, meaning it digests sugar at a very slow rate to release it gradually into the bloodstream
  • Its fibre and protein content provides long-lasting energy and decreases cravings

More on weight management
Weight management is achieving lasting weight loss success. It is a lifestyle and not just a diet plan to be followed for a month or two. Choosing the right food can only help you keep those unwanted pounds at bay. Antioxidants in foods can help reduce weight gain. They are directly correlated to weight management. They stimulate the body to burn calories and decrease body fat. Moreover, they make you feel energetic, strong and focused. Polyphenols are antioxidants known to decrease the development of fat cells. They also help in reducing the fat tissue. While, Flavonoids are antioxidant-like compounds that help curb belly-bulge by improving the body’s metabolic profile. They help normalise glucose metabolism and burn-up excess fat.

calorie blockSlim Wish Calorie Block helps manage weight effectively
Slim Wish Calorie Block by MWH is a clinically proven and awarded formulation that manages your weight without any side effects. It is made of peanut skin and other natural ingredients that work in content to block unwanted calories in your by body lowering starch digestion by 87% and reducing calorie intake by 217.5 Kcal. It is rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which help reduce absorption of fats and production of fat cells in the liver. Slim Wish Calorie Block has 41.5 times more capacity to inhibit Alpha-Amylase or α-Amylase, a digestive enzyme that yields by-products of glucose and maltose, than kidney beans. Slim Wish Calorie Block is a boon to those leading a sedentary lifestyle: it builds positive self esteem, while maintaining a healthy weight.