Prickly Pear Cactus – The Maestro Hangover Relief Herb Dietary Supplements / Miscellanous

The reality of “corporate pressure” stands culminated to a position where it threatens to burst forth at any unpredictable moment. This hot lava of professional relay has left the participants with no choice but to thrust themselves into mucky puddles of involuntary engagements.

Alcohol consumption is one such practice that preys upon “non-compulsive behavior” – behavioral patterns based on infrequent choices. What if an individual opts to fixate his intoxicated moments to a conventional schedule, the one involving time and mates of his/her fancy. But the butting-in of “corporate pressure” sometimes overshadows the existence of all whims and fancies.

Professional socialisation may often stress individuals to indulge in alcohol consumption. It may count as a businesslike gesture; an activity necessary to strengthen business relationships. Longer the duration of such meets, more the amount of alcohol consumed generally. Feeling intoxicated in this scenario may seem neither feasible nor appropriate. Caught up in this dilemma of corporate demands, a fair amount of wisdom would have you breeze in a sachet of Post Party right before you plunged on to your venture of corporate responsibility.

Post Party – Supplement for Hangover Relief

Post Party is a hangover reducing agent that contains the herb Prickly Pear Cactus. Its hangover relieving effect emerges from the stimulus it is able to exert on alcohol metabolism. ADH and ALDH are the two enzymes that work on a two-tier process to eliminate alcohol from the system.

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Prickly pear cactus boosts the metabolic activity of these enzymes. This enables the hangover-causing by-products to readily shoo out of the system.

It is purely the accumulation of by-products that causes the hangover symptoms. When they remain in your system for a prolonged time, they may give you nausea, headache, mouth dryness or dizziness. This is why Post Party peps up the activity of enzymes that help flush out these by-products.

It converts alcohol into carbon dioxide and water by bypassing the lingering effect of hangover-causing agents. This enables Post Party to provide hangover relief in the most natural way possible.