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With winter already round the corner, is an extraordinarily dry skin bothering you? Dry skins during winter are not uncommon. During this season, the cold and dry weather is accompanied by reduced humidity.

It is this reduction in humidity that incites your skin to lose its moisture. During winter, skin loses its moisture-retaining capacity by a percentage as high as 25%! This provokes its dryness and flakiness. But were you aware that dry skin also causes premature ageing?

Yes, a dry skin enhances the visibility of skin wrinkles. This makes your skin look unusually aged. So with winter approaching, it is important that you make your best efforts to delay skin ageing.

Rejuvenating your blood is one of the best ways to delay premature skin ageing. This restores the pH level of blood – disturbance of which, is a leading cause of premature ageing.

Another cause of skin ageing is the excess of free radicals in the body. These radicals attract electrons from neighbouring molecules. Thus begins its damaging effect on cells, which advances onto tissues and finally, onto organs.

This leads to decay of these affected organs. It is this phenomenon that promotes signs of ageing.

MWH Live Green Real Grass – Delays Premature Ageing

Therefore, premature skin ageing can be prevented in two manners –

  • Maintaining pH balance

  • Scavenging upon free radicals

MWH Live Green Real Grass is a natural anti-ageing pill that aids in prolonging the signs of aging. This anti-ageing supplement contains 3 certified cereal grasses – wheat grass, alfalfa and barley.

Wheat grass contains 70% of chlorophyll. The surprising factor about chlorophyll is that its structure resembles that of haemoglobin. Therefore, infusing chlorophyll in blood augments RBC production. This in turn enhances haemoglobin concentration.

Concentrated haemoglobin enables blood to maintain its pH balance. It also prevents the accumulation of lipofuscin – the ageing protein. Lipofuscin increases acidity of blood. Thus by escaping its accumulation, blood is able to remain in its alkaline state.

Live Green Real Grass also contains seeds of sunflower and sesame. They are rich antioxidants that successfully arrest free radicals. Therefore by also preventing the accumulation of free radicals, Real Grass delays premature ageing.

So, why suffer from skin disorders this winter? Skin dryness may affect your skin by giving it an aged appearance but power lies in your hands to prevent this. Prolong the signs of ageing with youthful glowing skin this winter.

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