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Who, among you, doesn’t covet a healthy life! And who, is informed enough to define it perfectly? Well, the World Health Organisation is.

WHO defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. It refers to not just the absence of diseases. As you are hardly aware of this, your focus tends to linger on physical health alone. And, your cognitive health often suffers from neglect.

Being a premium health and wellness brand, MWH is sensitive to this. We, like WHO, believe in your 360 degree healthcare. And this is why we have furnished brands for your cognitive wellness as well. Are you aware memory loss is a major cognitive disorder?

In fact, this is a disorder that is steadily gaining collective concern. You may very well equate memory loss in old age with natural disasters. But when youths get affected with memory loss, it is indeed alarming!

Medical research confirms memory loss to have several reasons for occurrence. If you are a chronic consumer of alcohol, tobacco or narcotics, you are most likely to fall prey to memory loss. Applied Therapeutics (October 1962 issue) has a mention of the revelation made by pharmacology of nicotine.

Interestingly, smokers take more time associating faces with names than non-smokers! This means tobacco smoking causes brain damage, which in turn results in memory loss diseases. There exists another important factor for memory loss – vitamin deficiency.

You may not be aware that deficiency of B complex vitamins leads to memory loss. But even this doesn’t draw the line. There exist other factors for memory loss too. If you are chronically depressed, stressed or anxious, you will be definitely affected. And to worsen the scenario, remedies such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills cause memory loss too!

By the way, these are just man-made disasters causing memory loss. Let’s look at the natural ones now. In older adults, atrophy is a major cause of memory loss. With ageing, you may undergo several irregularities such as poor blood circulation, low hormonal production, inefficient neurological functioning, excessive cell degeneration and inactivity. These changes unfortunately damage your frontal lobe, resulting in memory loss.

So dear readers, do you realise the seriousness of this cognitive disorder named memory loss? It’s so fragile that even slight imbalances in your system could trigger it. But thankfully, there exists a positive side to this.

Seriousness of memory loss has stimulated the patenting of a herb called Bacopa monnieri. In fact, benefits of this herb have mesmerized recent studies. It has been discovered to enhance cell protection and augment blood flow to the cerebrum. It contains the phytochemical called Bacomind. In fact, it is a standardized phytochemical, which has been clinically-proven to have benefits for your cognition, especially the age-related ones.

Our Memory Booster

MWH Egalicare Memoedge is a herbal memory booster that contains Bacomind as its main ingredient. With its valuable assistance, Memoedge enhances memory functioning, especially in old age. But as you are aware, MWH brands are exclusive! We would never furnish our brands with a single ingredient. We believe in synergies. And that’s why, Memoedge have also contains phosphatidylserine, Gingko biloba and B complex vitamins, which are promising memory boosters. Phew. So amazing!

Indeed, these four patented, proven and trusted natural ingredients together make MWH Egalicare Memoedge the best memory booster. It is a double-layered pill, which makes it capable for a sequential release of active ingredients.

MWH is sensitive to the increasing concern of memory loss. This is why we have hustled our entire focus in furnishing one master memory booster. Egalicare Memoedge is a breakthrough in the arena of memory loss prevention. We secure your health against serious diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, we prevent memory loss at every stage of your life. For now. And for ever.