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Women aren’t the only ones who miss youthful, flawless skin. Today, men are increasingly concerned about ageing as much as the fairer sex. Gone are the days when skin was supple, soft, and an unblemished canvas that didn’t reveal a scattering of unsightly wrinkles. There’s a lot to understand about the ageing process and how it can affect not just the way we look, but how we feel about ourselves. MWH breaks down the facts and reveals the science behind ageing.

As we age, collagen which is a binding substance that gives skin its elasticity, breaks down. The skin is an organ, the largest of what we have, therefore, it experiences changes that are prominent since it covers about 22 square  feet in surface area. Not only does it excrete metabolic waste, but it reacts to physical triggers like pain and pleasure, and regulates temperature, too. Depending on a person’s dietary and lifestyle habits, the skin changes in appearance and texture. Even hormonal imbalance plays a major role in skin ageing.

Other things like sugar level spikes and weight gain play a crucial role in determining the health of the skin. If you’ve heard of oxidative stress, you’ll understand that this process is an inevitable occurrence in the body. When this process takes place, oxygen feeds cells and then releases a by-product know as free radicals. These free radicals break down collagen which is an important protein that gives skin its firm appearance. What oxidative stress does is change the ways cells renew as well as releases cytokines (pro-inflammatory mediators) that alter the state of the skin over a gradual period of time. Smoking, drinking, and eating unhealthy food, significantly accelerate the process of ageing.MWH Live Green Real Grass

That’s where MWH Live Green Real Grass comes in to save your skin from the deterioration that ageing invites. What this revolutionary product does, is slow the ageing process and halt premature ageing in its tracks. It also helps fight a lot of other problems associated with skin ageing. Here are the highlights and proven benefits of this USDA-certified, vegan, preservative-free product by MWH.

  1. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  2. Makes skin radiant and soft

  3. Rejuvenates the blood by increasing the number of RBCs (red blood cells)

  4. Rich source of antioxidants

  5. Aids anaemic patients

  6. Inhibits the formation of lipofuscin; an ageing protein that acidifies blood

  7. Balances the pH level in the blood

  8. Protects cells from oxidative stress (free radicals) and inflammation

MWH Live Green Real Grass contains three certified, organic grasses: Wheatgrass, Alfalfa Grass, and Barley Grass. Together, these grasses contain more than 70% of chlorophyll which mimics the structure of DNA in the blood, therefore labelled as ‘green blood’. What it does is help in the rapid delivery of magnesium which in turn helps blood transport oxygen faster to cells. What you experience as a result is more energy and less stress. MWH Live Green Real Grass has been touted by customers as a remarkable alternative to everyday, commercial products. If you’ve been waiting for an elixir to combat ageing, then this is it.