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Gazing at yourself in the mirror can be a mesmerizing experience. The image you behold is your whole universe, entity and concept curbed in a nutshell. It is a celebration of your macroscopic being.

Strange yet true it is that this image would not even be standing erect if it weren’t for your bones.Strong bones are the reason of your very existence. Even a beautiful mind is indebted to your body, which in turn borrows its existence from a skeletal structure.

This skeleton is sculpted out of 308 bones. Breathtaking it is to realise that all these 308 entities are mutually dependent on a single factor – vitamin D.

Bones are constructed out of both calcium and phosphorous. With escalating age, these minerals keep depleting. Thank god for dietary sources, that calcium and phosphorous requirements are adequately met. They are abundantly found in dairy products and green leafy vegetables.Therefore, access to these bone health minerals is not a problematic scenario, especially for those preferring vegetarian food.

Even though calcium and phosphorous are extremely significant for bone health, they require an external factor for their absorption. It is vitamin D that plays the character of this extrinsic factor.Without this bone vitamin, bone health would arrive just nowhere.

The challenge rests here. Vitamin D requirements are difficult to fulfil naturally. Dietary sources rich in this bone vitamin are few. How much ever it is present, it is present mainly in non-vegetarian items such as egg yolk, fish oil, fatty fish, and beef liver. But what becomes of the side-effects of these non-vegetarian sources?

  • Egg yolks are high on LDL Cholesterol, which elevates risks of coronary diseases.

  • Marine organisms can be polluted with carcinogenic ocean-borne contaminants.

  • Beef liver is also high on bad cholesterol, thus causing similar health problems.

Overall too, a vegetarian diet is highly recommended for health as human body is actually designed to be herbivorous.

Therefore, what happens to your vitamin D requirement that is helplessly dependent on your diet? Sun is most definitely the largest source of vitamin D but it is only when it is shining low that its exposure must be accepted. Therefore, is sun-bathing really viable for the busy individuals of today?

It is not, and this is why vitamin D supplements are the urgent requirement of today. MWH Nourishtra Vitamin D is a natural vitamin D supplement that contains ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2).vitamin d 460 X 380

This form of vitamin D is responsible for absorbing calcium from the stomach so that it can be utilised by the entire body. The benefit of using this bone vitamin is that it also absorbs phosphorus.

Absorbing these two essential bone minerals in the correct proportion gives bones their optimal health. Nourishtra Vitamin D is delicately crafted in the form of gummies made out of pectin. Owing to their fruit pulp content, they are purely vegetarian.

This adds to the unique quality about our vitamin D supplement. In a world where reliable sources of vitamin D are diminishing on a daily basis, it is the only hope for bone health. Above all, strong bones are the key to a healthy life and a complete well-being.

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