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Our Liver which weighs about 1.5 kg, is the powerhouse of our body. If performs nearly 500 functions: right from digestion to blood circulation to metabolism to storage of nutrients.It acts as a sift to the body where in , it filters out all the unwanted waste from the body. Ironically, liver is the organ, recorded to be the most neglected of all.

Just because the liver has the capacity to regenerate itself and function even when up to 75% of it is diseased, it is not justified that we take the it for granted. Our eating habits are responsible for taking a toll on liver. Of all that we consume, today, much of it adds to the increase in the level of toxins.

Nevertheless, if we alter some of our habits or rather add some quality food in our diet, we surely can mend things up. So, how is it that we save guard our liver? The answer lies with nature. She has provided us with 6 vegetables which aids in detoxifying the liver.Read on:

Carrot and Spinach: Both, carrot and spinach are rich in glutathione, a major component which aids in detoxification. Carrot also carries valuable components like beta-carotene, Vitamin C, B6, and potassium. Spinach has gained popularity for its cancer fighting properties, and it is twice an energy booster than any other leafy vegetable.

Parsley: Parsley is rich in myristicin and apiol . Parsley is diuretic; it flushes toxins from the body. It also contains antiviral agents which fight viruses attacking the liver.

Cabbage and Broccoli: Both of theses help in modulating the enzymes activity in the liver which enhances detoxification pathway.

Beetroot: A fiber named Pectin in the beetroot cleans and flushes the toxins released by the liver, thus preventing them from being re-absorbed. Betaine found in beetroots defends the bile ducts, improving liver functionality.

If we consume all of the above vegetables in appropriate proportions, we can surely bring good health to our liver.

But, on giving a second thought on our lifestyles, the quest to gain a happy, healthy liver seems improbable. Consumption of all six vegetables does not seem to go well with our taste buds, right? Having cabbage and beetroot for a week itself sounds dull. Imagine having to eat all six of the above vegetables, too much!

But fortunately, for our benefit and well-being, MWH has formulated a supplement, ‘Real Veggies‘ which detoxifies  the liver effectively. It contains the extracts of all six vegetables proportionately, making it ideal for individuals who show symptoms associated with liver disorder. It is safe and certified, leaving no room for side effects.

So now cleanse your liver and revitalize your life.