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Had age truly been just a number, life would be glorious! Mankind is forever seeking means to make this fantasy come true. Keeping health intact in every phase of life has become a necessity for the contemporary man.

His encounters with multiple stressors have become alarmingly common. He appears defenceless against both physical and psychological stress on several occasions. This is rather treacherous, as it takes toll on his health silently.

Consequences of this chronically declining health can reflect at any point of his life. Although they may be increasingly reflective in a man in his 50s, men in their late 20s are no less susceptible.

This obstacle falls under the radar of MWH’s concern. Our premium brand, MWH Smart Men, is a supplement designed exclusively for the males of today who battle with stressors regularly. These swamped men incur high risks of health disorders such as cognitive failure, cardiovascular diseases, erectile dysfunction and prostrate disorders. Smart Men Endurance caters to the first among these problems – cognitive failure.

Endurance works by enhancing cognitive abilities in the active men of today. Having fallen prey to a progressive lifestyle, men have become daily multitaskers. This increases their stress, and they complain of restlessness, agitation and distraction. MWH’s pills of endurance correct these disorders by balancing chemical activities in the brain naturally. This nurtures clarity in thought and relaxation of mind.

Endurance contains the essential component Rhodiola. It works by increasing the Alpha Brain Waves that stress and anxiety seem to take downhill. This escalating effect favours health by

  • reducing stress
  • inducing calmness and relaxation of mind
  • enhancing physical performance
  • augmenting alertness and focus

Effects of stressors get more severe with age. Physical and psychological stress synergistically cause damaging health conditions in men in their 50s. MWH Smart Men 50+ is for those who are desirous of bypassing this effect.

50+ contains Bilberry, whose active ingredient, anthocynidin, works miracles for health. On entering the biological system, it exhibits manifold intrinsic activities that help prevent

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • erectile dysfunction
  • prostate cancer
  • neurological disorders

Research may have indicated Bilberry’s

  • preventive action against plaque formation in arteries
  • elevating effect of blood flow in the genitals
  • anti-cancer effects by inhibiting growth of cancer cells
  • antioxidant properties that delay brain ageing

Therefore, its specialities make Smart Men 50+ ideal for men in their 50s. It is in this age that their corresponding health problems get imminent.

Smart Men is born out of MWH’s concern of augmenting lifestyles exclusively in men. It is our sincere attempt to make life glorious and ageing a beautiful experience.

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