The Secret of Staying Slim and Trim Dietary Supplements / Fitness & Exercise / Weight Management

The imagination of a situation where one could continue eating without adding on weight, is simply enticing! But before you step into your fantastical world, let’s get real.

If you are under the impression that losing weight is a matter of spending hours at the gym and diligently counting every calorie, you are believing in a myth. Read on to know the real facts about weight management.

Why Food makes you Fat

Once you ingest food, it comes in contact with your saliva. Saliva contains enzymes known as α-amylase that breaks any carbohydrates/starch in the food down to sugar. This sugar enters your bloodstream to reach your organs. Some part of this sugar gets stored in your liver in the form of glycogen.

The remaining sugar gets converted into fat, which is the real culprit. It accumulates to account for your “fatness”. But if you are drawing the conclusion of skipping meals, please stop right away. If you aren’t aware, skipping meals only deprives you of essential vitamins and minerals. You don’t desire to suffer from malnutrition, do you?

Eating Habits

The only option you have is to develop a healthy eating habit. Eat your food in portions instead of skipping it entirely. This will prevent fat from accumulating in your body. This will maintain your balance of nutrients and weight management.

If you go hungry for an extensive amount of time, you will naturally tend to hog when you eat the next meal. No matter how much you avoid hogging, you don’t really succeed. So, this meal acts as the devil in weight gain. Fat accumulated from this meal is the reason why you get fat.

Moderate Exercise

Even if you are taking intermittent meals, what happens to the fat that is already accumulated? To burn this fat, moderate exercises are required. Even walking for 20 minutes is adequate for weight management.

Choosing the Right Supplements

Clubbing these health regimes with the right supplements is the ultimate way of managing your weight.

Slim Wish by MWH is a brand that provides supportive measures for weight management. The two products under it are Insta Slim Mix and Calorie Block.

Insta Slim Mix is composed of a patented and clinically-proven ingredient called Gomini. It

  • reduces appetite
  • stops sythesis of excess fats
  • breaks down excess fats
  • increases bowel movement

Calorie Block is composed of peanut skin , since it contains the active ingredient oligo proanthocyanidin (OPC). It enables weight management by

  • blocking starch digestion
  • avoiding excessive sugar absorption

By using the right dietary supplement along with a balanced diet and moderate exercise, you can now flaunt your desired figure and be the ultimate head turner!