Vitamin D – What Is Its Significance? Ageing Health / Dietary Supplements / Healthy & Balance / Healthy Beauty

Vitamin D has an excruciatingly significant role to play in the composition, activity and conservation of the central nervous system. Very low vitamin D levels can be easily associated to an extremely low seizure thresholds, a depressed state of mind, a terrible pain that is likely to arise out of osteomalacia, and dementia.

If you are quite habituated to live in a temperate climate, or you do no get the opportunity to be outside under the sun for about 15 minutes every day, you may be deficient in vitamin D? The big question is – Why would that be? Well the answer is – That’s because most of the vitamin D is made by your body from the sunshine. That’s why when you do not soak in enough of the sun you are meant to be vitamin D deficient. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. It is a benefactor of a myriad health benefits to our bodies. However it is worth noting that it is very difficult to get the required dosage of vitamin D because very few foods have an ample amount of vitamin D.

Why is vitamin D required by our body system?

Vitamin D plays multifarious significant actions in the human-body, most of these functions are very important for athletes. For example, vitamin D enables to:

    • Fortify bone health and helps the body to absorb calcium better. Strong bones are more than just important to athletes, that’s because the bones in our body prove to be a a strong skeletal shield for our lungs and hearts. They are the anchor for our muscles. If you have ever gone through broken bones or stress fractures, you would be sure to know that weak bones can put an end to your athletic performance, it can bring down your level from top-notch to a scratch. This is why vitamin D is so very important for anyone who is active physically.
    • To pump up your muscle mass and increase the strength. Another piece of research delved deep in the fact about vitamin D acts directly on the muscle to boost the protein synthesis, which will eventually head to a boost in muscle mass, gain in weight, and a would also enable to lessen the degradation of muscle fibers. Vitamin D also enables to augment the number and size of the muscle fibers which are utilised for small outbursts of power and speed, which is another profit for any athlete who wants to or desires to seeks to perform his/her best.
    • Improve lower body strength. With a regular intake of vitamin D along with calcium on can build up a good amount of strength in your legs and augment your overall physical performance, and at the same time would avert falls.
    • Braces the immune system and be protective against some ailments. Some research paper suggests that vitamin D might also have a very significant role to play in the blocking certain viruses. If the vitamin D content in your blood stream is low, your immune system might not be as effective.