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If you’re still crumbling between the age-old heart vs liver debate, you should definitely continue reading this. There’s undoubtedly no doubt that heart health is vital. But. Have you ever questioned your prejudice toward it?

The Hype called Heart Health

Your chronic concern toward your heart health is alarming. Heart has a magnetic pull that is almost seductive. It attracts your concern to such a magnified extent that you nearly bypass your other organs. And this is reliably ruinous!

Being concerned about your heart health, you have perhaps reduced your fat intake. So currently, you are religiously skipping meals and working out. In fact, you have succeeded in your endeavour, and have escaped from every heart ailment. But. Are you perfectly healthy yet?

Your sufferings from poor digestion, migraine, fatigue, mental fogginess, etc. has met no end. And you have only yourself to blame. While you were skipping meals and working out, you let your liver health take a vacation! Your preoccupation with excluding food has made you neglect what you should in fact include. You failed to remember that other organs rather require certain food for their functioning.

Liver Detoxification / Liver Cleanse

If you weren’t aware, your liver is one of those vital organs. It requires you to include certain food in your diet, especially green vegetables. Such food enhance your liver functioning by conducting a detoxification, or liver cleanse.

An unhealthy liver would stop all other body functions, entrapping you with health disorders. In fact, your liver is infamous for bringing a slow death. If your heart stopped working just now, you would be dead before even realising what’s going on! But with your liver, it is different.

Symptoms of liver dysfunction are slow to realise. This is particularly harmful, since you hardly realise when you fall prey to it. Therefore, prevention is crucial for your liver. It is liver health alone that generates your overall health. So, how must you maintain your liver health?

Constant liver cleanse nurtures liver health. Natural liver detoxification is an affordable method of maintaining liver health. Easy-to-get green vegetables like cabbage, carrot, beetroot, broccoli, parsley and spinach are almost godsend for liver health.

These vegetables help ease up the natural liver detoxification process. They attend to every aspect of liver detoxification, keeping your liver free from toxins. Letting toxins accumulate is a rather cruel idea. Excessive accumulation of toxins prevents the liver from performing its functions.

Why Protect your Liver

The main function of your liver is blood purification. If you don’t protect it, impure blood would be circulating within you. And, there will be nothing between you and health disorders.

If your blood alone isn’t purified, there’s hardly any use of your heart in taking pains to pump it so religiously. Impure blood reflects in poor health, causing allergies and fatigue. If you are chronically stressed, or skipping meals, then too you need a liver detoxification. Indeed, it prevents free radicals from rhizoming within you.

Liver dysfunction also upsets several balances in your body. For instance, it triggers CGRP release, which causes migraine. Through liver detoxification, you are able to control this release and thereby, prevent migraine. For another instance, normalised bile synthesis helps in digestion. Without bile, you wouldn’t even be able to digest your daily food.

Liver more Precious than Heart

So, get thoughtful. If there’s no number 2, what’s the use of number 1 at all? If there’s no adulthood, what good is childhood? To complete life, you need to undergo all of its stages. Similarly, to maintain your health, you need to take care of everything one after another.

If you don’t purify your blood, what’s the use in juggling for it at all? Heart pumps blood so that it can reach every organ. But if that blood isn’t pure, how are you about to benefit from it? It is for this reason that liver health is important!

Liver cleanse, or liver detoxification, keeps your blood in the purified state. Without liver, you are excessively vulnerable to every other disease. This is why liver cleanse needs to go viral. It’s time you go all gaga about liver health. So, start your quest, now!