Celebrate the Gift of Good Health on Christmas Day Food / Food & Beverages / Miscellanous

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. – Edna Ferber

Every year we find ourselves in ardent preparation for the holidays. Christmas trees are decorated; an exhaustive range of holiday treats are out in stores; gifts are being hunted for; and new outfits have been picked out for every party that counts down to that special Christmas morning. What we forget most is the one thing that silently keeps check on everything we do – our health.

We’re so busy making merry that we neglect to stop and take a minute to evaluate our health, or the health of others. Nagging pain, a runny nose, an upset stomach, and fatigue are all but familiar sensations (among others); but does that mean we ignore these persistent signs of detriment? At MWH, we believe that life should be seized with both hands. How then do we enjoy life’s many gifts and moments that define it?

Many will agree that our greatest fears are: growing old and succumbing to a terminal illness. It is safe to say that we’re neck-deep in a questionable lifestyle that nibbles away at our health. Then again, mankind has dug his own grave and put himself in the middle of his self-made mess. So how do we escape the endless parade of problems that slowly diminish our health?

MWH recognizes the need of the hour: a chance to live what’s left of our lives as happy, healthy people. Using a synergy of nature and science, we’ve created a line of wellness products that enhance the quality of life. We believe in second chances; a chance to get back what is lost. Our health is sending us signals that we’ve been putting off every year, but this time, we need to sit up and listen.

We’ve introduced two pioneering products that deal with life’s most nagging issues: Ageing and liver toxicity. Our bodies are vessels that consume, house, and multiply toxins that harbour within us, only to strike progressively or when we least expect. These products have unique properties of their own that result in a natural detoxification of the body from foreign matter that discourages a fuller life.

MWH Live Green Real Grass is an anti-ageing supplement that uses the power of three potent derivatives of nature that are USDA-certified: Wheatgrass, barley grass, and alfalfa grass. These three when combined, produce the kind of results that allow you to enjoy your youth, well into old age. The pill slows down the ageing process, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fights premature ageing, and reanimates the body from the inside out.

MWH Live Green Real Veggies is a liver detoxification supplement that harnesses the organic strength of six USDA-certified vegetables: Cabbage, broccoli, parsley, carrots, beetroot, and spinach. Toxins are eliminated from the liver (filter unit of the body), allowing you to experience the vitality and effects of a squeaky-clean system. Among a slew of various benefits, the pill bridges nutrition gaps, and flushes toxins and cancerous agents left behind by smoking, drinking, processed food, prescribed/OTC medication, and chemotherapy/radiation.

Christmas is all about renewal in not just spirit, but in mind and body. Give yourself or a loved one a second chance at health by gifting them MWH Live Green Real Grass and/or MWH Live Green Real Veggies. Happy holidays!