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The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street cannot get enough of the doughy, sweet treat for obvious reasons. Not only are cookies absolutely delicious, but they’re a versatile snack that comes chock-a-block with dried fruit, chocolate chips or nuts, and is even coated with icing. While we are big fans of these crunchy munchies, we’re not such big fans of the unhealthy batches that are mass produced.

MWH supports the idea of healthy eating, even around the holidays. Baking your own cookies are a great alternative, but if you’re pressed for time, we’ve got you covered. Day Healthy by MWH comprises a hard-to-come-by range of unadulterated food made with nutritional additives. Not only are they high dietary fibre foods, but they’re organic, gluten-free, and gratifying, too. What better way to kick-start the Christmas season than with a scrumptious batch of Day Healthy Cookies by MWH?

We admit, we’re surrounded with and tempted by appetizing fresh-from-the-oven Healthy Christmas Cookie that confectioneries display with pride. But why not opt for something that not only tickles your taste buds but offers unadulterated nutrition? In the long haul, we guarantee that Day Healthy Cookies by MWH will not only become a go-to snack, but you’re number 1 comfort food.

The hero ingredient in Day Healthy Cookies by MWH is rice bran oil which is rich in healthy fats and antioxidants. It also contains no trace of cholesterol. When compared to butter–which is a common emulsion used in commercial cookies–it is by far a hearty alternative.

There are three kinds of vegan, gluten-free, and preservative-free Day Healthy Cookies by MWH: Oatmeal, Buckwheat, and Brown Rice. Fortified with the goodness of nature’s prized nutrients, the cookies promote a host of benefits. These cookies come in handy to suppress midday hunger pangs, or as a light pre-workout snack. Let’s take a look at how oatmeal, buckwheat, and brown rice pack an impressive nutritional punch.

1. Lowers the risk of diabetes

2. Helps prevent gallstones

3. Regulates blood sugar levels

4. Prevents heart failure

5. Lowers the risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure

6. Benefits post-menopausal women

7. Promotes a healthy immune system

8. Protects against childhood asthma

9. Promotes weight loss

10. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

11. Protects against breast cancer

As you can see, these three powerful ingredients diligently fight against everyday health concerns brought on by unhealthy choices that degrade the quality of life. MWH Day Healthy Cookies have been lovingly prepared to satisfy cravings as well as protect the system and offer daily nutrition. So bundle up and enjoy the richness of these cookies with a herbal infusion from MWH Unlike Tea or hot cup of cocoa.