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Don’t be surprised if we told you that those innocent-looking spice jars stored in your kitchen have an incredible history of their own. Are you aware of the fact that nutmeg in former times was worth more than gold by weight? That some centuries ago, London dockworkers received their bonuses in cloves? That peppercorns were formerly called “black” gold? These facts show the tremendous value of spices and prove how indispensable they are in all types of cuisines.

During its height, spice trade was the largest industry in the world and  it helped in the formation and destruction of empires and to the discovery of new continents. To cite another example, Roman soldiers were once paid in “salt”, which led to coining of words and phrases such as “salary” and “worth his salt”.

Given this rich history and tradition of spices, MWH takes spices to a whole new level by offering five varieties of seasoning: Piri Piri, Rhinypinch, Veggie Delite, Cajun, and Mexican. Each of these seasoning has a flavour and feature of its own. Each spice mix tantalises the taste buds and draws out the maximum flavour from red and white meat. What’s more, with its use, vegetarian dishes are transformed to heavenly delicacies.

Features of Toppingo by MWH:

  • No added MSG (monosodium glutamate)
  • Gluten free
  • 100% natural
  • No salt
  • No added preservatives

Piri Piri Seasoning: Enhances the flavour of food by adding a dash of heat to it

  • Good for grilled, barbeque, and rice dishes
  • Excellent marinade
  • Adds a dash to sandwiches and rolls
  • Gives a lift to mashed potatoes

Rhinypinch Seasoning: Has anti-allergic properties and positive benefits for the sinus

  • Helps combat cough and cold
  • Helps treat runny nose and congested chest
  • Helps combat sore throat
  • Helps combat pain related to sinusitis
  • Ideal for fried potatoes, pizzas, salads, sirloin steaks, and beef mince
  • Add to vinaigrettes or mayonnaise

Veggie Delite Seasoning: A healthy blend of green vegetables and an excellent source of antioxidants

  • Sprinkle on roast or barbeque
  • Add one teaspoon during the last five minutes of cooking
  • Ideal for vegetable and casserole dishes
  • Sprinkle on rice, French fries, and popcorn

Cajun Seasoning: A mix of spices that offers the authentic taste of Louisiana

  • Add towards the end of broiling or grilling
  • Sprinkle on roast potatoes and dressings
  • Ideal for meat and vegetable dishes
  • Serves as an excellent marinade

Mexican Seasoning: Offers a wonderful spicy, chilly flavour to Mexican or Tex-Mex dishes

  • Blend of freeze-dried herbs and spices
  • Sprinkle on egg dishes, burgers, shrimp, or soups
  • Serves as a Mexican Dry Rub
  • Excellent marinade
  • Sprinkle on pizzas and pastas
  • Used in pizza base and pasta sauce

Spices are no longer considered as luxuries, placed alongside precious metals and jewels, or considered the most valuable items in the world. However, no one can turn a blind eye to their rich, illustrious history. The aromas, colours, and flavours of spices transform a dull, insipid, and bland dish into a scrumptious, tasty, and delectable masterpiece.