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All of us relish freshly baked cookies and we not only eat them for dessert but also for breakfast as well as during tea time. During several occasions like Christmas , cookies are served in several flavors for eg) chocolate cookies with choco chips , caramel cookies , walnut and pistachio cookies .Chocolate dipped delicious cookies are something we cant resist and thus we would not mind indulging in a sinful treat , in spite of being on a healthy diet or a weight loss spree.

In spite of knowing that cookies contain saturated fats and comprise of unhealthy oils which are bad for the heart as well as overall health , these irresistible cookies trigger your taste buds and due to which you silently devour it irrespective of all its disadvantages.

Devouring such cookies on a regular basis can lead to several health issues , such as cholesterol , obesity , diabetes , unless and until you balance the rest of your meals with fiber , protein ,fresh vegetables , fruit or vegetable juices.If you are on a weight loss spree , then consuming these cookies can leave you feeling harrowed with guilt, and in order to compensate you may end up starving the next day , which in turn will lead to over eating again.

Thus , keeping your health in mind as well as an attempt to satisfy your taste buds , MWH Day Healthy Oat Meal Cookies is an ideal snack for all the health conscious people who also sometimes wish to cheat on their diet.It comprises of a lot of healthy ingredients like dates , almonds , honey and the most important ingredient , which is novel and is not used in regular cookies , ie. The Rice bran oil.

The following are the benefits of rice bran oil.

1) It has cholesterol lowering properties.
2) It works as an anti oxidant as compared to other cooking oils.
3) Enhances the immune system
4) Helps prevent cancer
5) Its anti oxidant property, benefits the nervous system as well as improves neurological functioning and balances the endocrine hormones.

So now treat your self to some delicious Oatmeal Cookies by MWH Day Healthy without feeling guilty.